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Panasonic DMC-ZR1 (or ZX1)

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Panasonic DMC-ZR1 (or ZX1)
« on: 27 / August / 2009, 01:33:44 »
It is available from Amazon for 280 bucks.

I am really undecided between this and the Canon S90, but I am leaning towards this one.

DMC-ZR1 pros:
1. About 150 bucks cheaper.
2. Slightly smaller and lighter.
3. Nice zoom range, 25-200 mm.
4. HD video, but as motion JPG rather than mpeg4, so the size of the movies will be like 10 MB a second or something :/
5. Slightly better macro (3cm).
6. Long exposure of up to 60 seconds.

1. No manual controls.
2. No CHDK.
3. The sensor will be probably too noisy.
4. I kind of boycott Panasonic for makign it impossible to use 3d party batteries.

S90 Pros:
Bigger sensor and fewer MPs.
f/2 at 28mm.
Full manual controls.
Probably CHDK will eventually be ported for it.
The new ring thingy, which will be nice, but I can live without.

1. Expensive (430 bucks).
2. No HD or even widescreen video.
3. The macro will probably suck (5cm minimum distance at 28mm, that's worse than my A570IS)

So which camera would you guys buy, if you had to chose?


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