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SX10+CHDK vs SX20

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SX10+CHDK vs SX20
« on: 19 / August / 2009, 21:17:59 »
SX10+CHDK vs SX20

I have a question:

Between these 2 setups, the only differences will be:

SX20's 12.1mp > SX10's 10mp
SX20's 720p video > SX10's VGA
SX20's more convenient usage because no need for complicated/buggy CHDK
SX10's kick-ass CHDK super-rich features
SX20's noisier pics because of stretched images but not stretched sensor

Correct? If not, please post your thoughts.
I didn't mention SX20's HDMI port because SX10 doesn't need it.
SX20's specs:



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Re: SX10+CHDK vs SX20
« Reply #1 on: 20 / August / 2009, 18:11:46 »
SX10+CHDK vs SX20
This does not belong in the SX10 development thread. Thanks acseven for moving it.
SX20's more convenient usage because no need for complicated/buggy CHDK
CHDK pretty much doesn't affect the normal operation of the camera, so a camera without it isn't "more convenient". If you don't want to use CHDK features, you just ignore CHDK (or disable it by unlocking your card, or using a card that doesn't have CHDK on it)

The other downside of the SX20 is that it's not actually in stores yet.
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Re: SX10+CHDK vs SX20
« Reply #2 on: 25 / August / 2009, 18:30:42 »
Obviously SX10 is better than SX20, CHDK or not.

SX20 is a stupid update, imo, I think my SX10 pictures take too much room already, and at 100% view they don't look good, so 2 Mpixels more won't help, and diffraction will be worse, too, especially with the zoom at F5.7.


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