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SD600 Destroyed Mid-Movie... Recoverable?

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Re: SD600 Destroyed Mid-Movie... Recoverable?
« Reply #10 on: 21 / August / 2009, 22:29:21 »
Single wire "Y" landing gear is not meant to deal with such close tolerances on landing. Too much weight, not enough clearance and coming in too hot in a low wing plane. Hard way to learn physics...

Better platform would be a high wing with the camera mounted inside the fuselage looking out the windshield area. You would have protection above and below even if the plane flipped or rolled on landing, and the high wing would allow a slower landing speed.

Might be a little tricky clearing all the linkages and servos, to mount the camera, but having the "pilot's POV over the nose would be pretty cool.

Sorry you were unable to recover the flight. Would have liked to have seen it.

Best of luck on your next endeavor!




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