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SX1: temporarily disable CHDK from loading on a >4GB SDHC card??

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Hi all,

Since I am unable with my SX1 to shoot in AF continuous mode (Sports) (known issue, camera crashes after first picture taken), I would like to be able to either start my cam (firmware loading option does not work for this cam) with CHDK loaded to enjoy all its great features or without, to be able to shoot AF continuous series. This I believe for now is the only possible solution to use both.

I know normally you would:

1. Unlock the card (then CHDK does not load) or
2. Use another SDHC card without CHDK

Option 2 is too much hassle for me to quickly move between both worlds
Option 1. however does not work, since a >4GB card uses two partitions, one small 2 MB CHDK boot partition. If I unlock the card the camera defaults to this small partition, telling me the memory card is full. So, no pictures can be taken at all.

1. Is there a way to have the CHDK booting process stop and have the cam move to the large partition by default?
2. Is there any other way to achieve what I need?
3. If not, should this be a viable feature request that also can be easily made by one of the great CHDK devs? e.g. during booting-process aks the user to load or not to load CHDK?

Thanks a million,

King Otto


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