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Hummingbirds with lightning-fudgey

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Hummingbirds with lightning-fudgey
« on: 27 / August / 2009, 17:41:15 »
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contributed to CHDK and the lightning-fudgey script!  I've been trying to shoot hummingbirds all summer with a p&s (don't laugh) and CHDK/lightning finally made my efforts not so silly!  I just started usiing CHDK so be kind - I'm just so thrilled!!!!

My pic may be too small - if so sorry I'll try again later!

My camera:  A570IS  Script 080914 shot in tv mode ISO 100, no flash, 1/160.  More details at:  hummingbird1

Thanks! This is great fun!  :D
Any tips on improving the shot or other critique would be great!  
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Re: Hummingbirds with lightning-fudgey
« Reply #1 on: 28 / August / 2009, 04:53:02 »
IMO, use wide angle (35mm), use Av F2.8 (or is it 2.6 on A570 IS), and choose a day with more light, and NO digital zoom. I think you need like 1/500s to get the body of the bird sharp. You need a lot of luck, too. ^^
Not sure how you can get the focus right, maybe hyperfocal at 2m something, or maybe fixed but with a DOF calculator, get a decent focus zone, depending where is the flower (potentially the bird) and where is the cam.

Re: Hummingbirds with lightning-fudgey
« Reply #2 on: 28 / August / 2009, 10:05:37 »
Thanks for the tips! Will try as soon as I have another sunny day (rain today)!  Thanks again!


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