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SMD script probelm, Camera startes up and will not run script if usb conencted

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I am trying to use smd because I must have the ability in script to connect the usb port and offload the images from the SD card.  However, the problem I have is that when the camera is powered up with the usb plunged in SMD waits for the usb to be unplugged then takes a picture.  I have disable sync and I still have the problem.

How do I prevent ALL sync and USB trigger activity when the camera starts up so that my script can run?

How do I prevent ALL sync and USB trigger activity when the camera starts up so that my script can run?
Three ways :-

1. Directly press the shutter button, the word 'Synch' is no longer displayed.
2. At the start of your script put command 'sync_off'  or 'set_sync 0 0 0'.
3. In  Stereo menu, disable synch.

Thanks, but it does not work!

1, camera is hung. Pressing button does no let the script start.  I have to unplug the cable.
2, I tried this, but since the script never starts it does not work
3, I have disable sync in the config file too.

I was needing this to be fully automated as the camera is going to be placed 70 feet in the air to watch weather. Climbing up there to unplug a cable is not a great option.

Anyone interested in compiling be a custom SMD build for a few bucks?
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You have not disabled the USB trigger function.

In Script menu, you have to uncheck 'Disable USB Download'.

I assure you everything works and many people are using the file-transfer ability with WIA-Loader.

I have unchecked 'Disable USB Download' several times.  But it always gets rechecked.  Is this setting lost when the camera is turned off?

Please tell me which script you are trying to run and everything you to do after booting the camera.

The usb is plugged in when the camera is powered (self resetting relay to re power camera when power is interrupted).  SMD/chdk parameters are set to auto start script, but the script will not start with the usb cable inserted.  

The camera powers up flashes and the lcd goes blank.  Upon removing the USB the camera there is a quick flash and it takes a picture. The script never runs even if the usb cable is removed after startup.  If I unplug the usb cable then power on the camera the script runs as expected.

As stated before "Disable USB Download" keeps getting set.

This is the test script:
Code: [Select]
@title Time-lapse
@param a first delay minutes
@default a 0
@param b first delay seconds
@default b 10
@param c shoot interval minutes
@default c 0
@param d shoot interval seconds
@default d 5
@param e number of repeats
@default e 5
@param f endless mode N/Y    0/1
@default f 0
@param g single/cont/time/burst
@default g 0
@param h Tv exposures
@default h 3
@param i Focus exposures
@default i 3
@param j bracket Tv/foc/Both   0/2
@default j 0
@param k light/dark/alternate   0/1/2
@default k 2
@param l num of 1/3 EV steps
@default l 3
@param m equal/auto/digi  0-2
@default m 0
@param n focus-step
@default n 50
@param p digiscope focus ref
@default p 500
@param q blank screen N/Y 0/1
@default q 0
@param r shutdown N/Auto/USB 0/1/2
@default r 0
@param s save stack N/Y 0/1
@default s 0
@param t Sunrise mode
@default t 0
@param u TXT/CSV 0/1
@default u 0
time_lapse a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, u
sleep_for_seconds 30
set_sync 0 0 0 0
goto "loop"

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I will reply to this tomorrow, I have to get some important jobs finished first.

OK, that worked fine on my A620.
I did not manage to upload all the images but that is only because the connect time was not quite long enough for ten images.
You arrive at the required value by doing a few tests.

This is what I did :-

1. Do not set script to autostart and do not connect USB to computer, power-up camera in record mode.
2. Switch to ALT mode, load script and connect camera to computer.
3. Run script.

After the three time-lapse images have been captured, camera switches to playback mode and connects to PC.
Screen blanks, blue LED lights.
External programme (WIA-Loader) will start and images will be uploaded.
On completion, WIA-Loader closes and camera switches back to record mode.

You will need advice on WIA-Loader but everything should work, assuming SDM supports switching to playback for your camera.

What camera are you using ?

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Yes, thank you very much for taking the time to help!

It works fine if I just unplug the usb cable during power up.  I was hoping to have this camera automatically power up and run when power was interrupted by using a circuit to trigger the power button a few seconds after power is first applied to the ac adapter.  I guess there is no way around manual start up.

Thanks again!


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