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Canon Powershot A630 problem

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Canon Powershot A630 problem
« on: 06 / September / 2009, 18:14:30 »
I made the ver.req file in the main directory of the SD card as the instructions said for my A630, however when I boot the camera in playback mode and I push the Set button and Display, I only get the "wrong" version number of and that's it'll give me. No matter how many times I push the DISP button.

Is there something that I'm doing wrong?



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Re: Canon Powershot A630 problem
« Reply #1 on: 06 / September / 2009, 18:42:42 »
Hi, welcome to the forum !

2 of the most frequent reasons would be:

1. You forgot to keep Func/Set pressed while pressing Display

2. Your ver.req has a wrong name, please verify  A) thats a Q there at the end,
    and B) (if using Windows) make sure M$ did not secretly attach a .txt behind the name

if you need more help on  2. feel free to ask
  (hey, i've no idea how comfortable you are with computers)


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Re: Canon Powershot A630 problem
« Reply #2 on: 06 / September / 2009, 19:06:49 »
I do keep the Func/Set button pressed down when trying. I tried re-writing the ver.req twice to be sure that I had it right and it is in the main directory of the camera. I don't use windows, I use Linux so I know that the file doesn't have anything appended to it.

Ok, i got it thanks. I was thinking about the suggestions and realized that I didn't have any pics on the camera.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway.



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