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Identica group for CHDK

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Identica group for CHDK
« on: 09 / September / 2009, 08:12:57 »
Hey everyone.  I'm a first time poster but long time lurker.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I've created an Identica group for CHDK (

For those that don't know, Identica is a microblogging community that runs on Laconica, which is an open source Twitter-like microblogging web application.  Identica is home to a large number of free software developers and projects.  Laconica itself supports features like a Twitter bridge, which allows the same account to post and retrieve posts from Twitter, so you don't have to post in both places.

Check it out if you're interested, like I said, I just wanted to share.  I don't get anything if you join except for a warm fuzzy feeling in support of open standards, protocol, and free software.  ;)


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