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Can I override Autoload?

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Can I override Autoload?
« on: 18 / July / 2010, 10:36:26 »

MY autostart script is just going round in an endless loop, never allowing the camera to start or me to get control of the camera. The clue <Alt> light flashes when I turn the cameras on, a message says Autostart and pings, the red light next to Menu flashes - then it all starts again - and again - and again ...

Is there a method of preventing autostart at startup but allowing me to still access my CHDK menu to disable the script I set to autostart? I very much don't want to reload CHDK - I can't even remember how I did it!

And I don't want all my photos restart numbering from 1 as they did when I had to change SDHC cards ...

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Re: Can I override Autoload?
« Reply #1 on: 18 / July / 2010, 19:16:56 »
You can try removing the script from the card (from your pc with a card reader, obviously), or replace it with one with the same name that does nothing. Save a copy first.

You should be able to interrupt the script by pressing the shutter, but it sounds like your script might also be crashing the camera or something.

You can remove the CCHDK.CFG files from the CHDK folder. CHDK will create a new file with default settings, but you won't have to reinstall CHDK.

There is also an offline CFG editor, see here
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Re: Can I override Autoload?
« Reply #2 on: 22 / July / 2010, 07:34:34 »
Hi reyalp,

My apologies for the belated reply.

I did as you suggested (and also deleted the .Trash folder) and everything is good now. I am very grateful.

Many thanks,


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