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350d boot from cf card

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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #10 on: 27 / September / 2009, 02:23:19 »
sorry guys, i just have little time on it, so the progress may be slow,
but i'm still working on it (spot metering, custom WB, etc.)
still don't known how to modify the iso menu - need much more analysis.

update 2009-9-27:
1) release count:
   press <MENU> to open main menu, then press<DP>, after beep, release count is in shutter.txt
2) iso:
   press <INFO> to open the info display, then press <LEFT> <UP> <DOWN> <RIGHT> to adjust the iso value.

you need a cf card reader,
how to make a cf bootable, follow the step 6 in this post:

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #11 on: 27 / September / 2009, 15:24:15 »
so i need start from that step 6? later http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=4202.msg39732#msg39732 and then http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=4202.0;attach=3585 for have iso 3600? or maybe better w8 for your final release with iso 3600 in menu :)? btw it will be fantastic to have 3600 iso in menu, like oryginal, with static mm and iso 1600 i have good quality, so 3600 will be ok too for me i think :)

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #12 on: 28 / September / 2009, 01:16:27 »
No focus adjust ?

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #13 on: 03 / October / 2009, 13:15:46 »
Hello again Maiohwmai!
Any progress witg spot metering?

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #14 on: 03 / October / 2009, 14:59:04 »
I've done it all. Everything worked well in my old XT.

Now I have all ISO values working well. The new way to change the ISO in the INFO display is perfect. Better than the original way that Canon that needs a "set" confirmation.

Thank's maiohwmai... I hope spot metering will come soon.

Sorry for my bad english... 


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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #15 on: 04 / October / 2009, 05:15:31 »
try this attachment.
first time you run it, cf boot will be enabled.
and 2nd time,  it will be reverted.

Hi, do you know if this file works also on 400D (Rebel XTi) model ?

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #16 on: 06 / October / 2009, 18:46:43 »
Hi maiohwmai,

I just wanted to notify that I used "350d_bootflag_update_20090914.zip" from your first post, everything seemed to went well, but after restarting my camera it would not poweron. I pressed shutter release and it powered on but I could not get into menus, take pictures or power down.

I removed the battery and used another CF and the second file (bootflag-20090921.zip). When powering on again I got the blue and red led flashing, I put back the bootable CF and got the 3200 ISO and STDOUT.TXT file. Camera is working well again.

So the second file seems to work better for me.

Thank you for your work !

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #17 on: 07 / October / 2009, 13:53:41 »
so I have card bootable, by step 6 on http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php/topic,3290.msg38630.html#msg38630

and what now i need install, because there is a lot of files in topic, and when I run it i have no any effect, and when I go to firmware update it cant be updated :/

2) write cf card MBR:

at 0x40 "BOOTDISK"

at 0x47 "EOS_DEVELOP"
at 0x5C "BOOTDISK"

i need do that? how do that?

<DP> is lamp button?
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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #18 on: 09 / October / 2009, 03:16:51 »
    now your 350d can boot from cf card.
Thanx you for your great work on 350D, I didnt expect anyone to work with such an old DSLR.. Please keep it up to get some more tweaks and features! Good luck!
P.S. ISO 3200 is impressive, i really expected more noise. But i like the possibility to use ISO 125, 250 and so on. Really good idea. Thanx again!
P.S.S. Shutter counter works well too.

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #19 on: 10 / October / 2009, 12:26:23 »
spot metering added

Press <MENU> then press AE Lock button <*>

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