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350d boot from cf card

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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #100 on: 03 / December / 2009, 22:04:28 »
What I need to compile from sources the newest version of this extension?

2) Has anybody tried to fix ISO 3200 name to be ISO 4000 as mentioned earlier and set intermediate value to memory location to get ISO 3200?

I posted the code snapnet for it a few pages earlier. But I haven't compile it as I am lazy to install GCC compiler. :p

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #101 on: 10 / December / 2009, 21:10:41 »
AEB extended to +- 6.7

Press <INFO> then Press <LEFT> OR <RIGHT>
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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #102 on: 11 / December / 2009, 05:33:04 »
This AEB extension not works for me :/
(same effect as 'normal' aeb)

OK, nevermind, You need to press not <MENU> button but <INFO> (works just like iso changing -and about iso changing... before this hack <LEFT> and <RIGHT> arrows was changing iso by 1/3, now it's broken ;(

btw. Have You found function to set RAW+S (JPEG (fine-this "stairs" symbol)) or other configuration (Raw, M-raw+s/m/l jpg?
If it matters - it would be nice to see it under "jump" button
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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #103 on: 11 / December / 2009, 09:46:37 »
I have combine the old iso 1/3 step and the new aeb one :)
<up and down> is the iso 1/3 step
<left and right> is the aeb
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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #104 on: 12 / December / 2009, 18:28:14 »

I am very thankfull for all of you, who hacking code and give advices :) I want to report, that latest version of code (published in reply #103) has the same error as previous versions. When I turn on my 350D, wait until leds are stop blinking and press INFO first time - arrow immediately do their work properly. After everything is set up I just press half way shutter btn and camera return to shooting mode. Everything works fine. BUT when I press INFO second time (in case I changed my mind and want to change ISO or sth else) - i MUST press any arrow several times (up to 8 ) to ANY change take effect. Can you try to fix it?

Do you know how to enable RAW + Small JPG picture writing mode?

I am also interested is possible to hack info protocol to allow old sigma af lenses to work with 350D. To be precise - these are working properly unless user try to step down aperture from wide open to any value. Err 99 is reported by body. Interesting thing - the same lens is fully functional with newer EOS 40D.

more info about this area are here:

EDIT: one more thing - when I put into body erased, clean CF card, camera do not work properly - I can't take a photo at any mode and only partial info is shown at lcd display. Is this normal signs when boot flag is set to ON and clear CF card is in body, or sth is wrong?

When I shoot overexposured photo and when I turno on it's preview with maximum information and histogram - the overexposured areas are blinking. It's excellent, but is possible to enable this feature in big preview, without histogram? I do not know is this feature present as original or modified one, I can't find it anywhere in classic menu.

Have a good weekend
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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #105 on: 19 / December / 2009, 19:01:40 »

im having some trouble getting the bootflag set/running the firmware update.
i dont see a blue led lightning up and nothing seem to happen.
i dont recall ever seeing a blue led during normal operation though. Is it located in the same place as the cf activity light
or at the dp button?

any thoughts on what might be wrong?

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #106 on: 20 / December / 2009, 10:00:43 »
Did you update the firmware?
You need to update the firmware first and then do the hacking.

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #107 on: 20 / December / 2009, 10:38:07 »
yes, im on 1.0.3.
i dont know if thats the most recent, but it was mentioned earlier as working.

i tried to just continue along with the instructions just to make sure its not just some dumb problem like the led broken,
but nothing happens (the card is defenitely booteable, i set this via the chdk card program and verified via hex editor).

assuming you alreaddy did this to your cam, where is the blue led located?

thanks in advance

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #108 on: 20 / December / 2009, 14:37:27 »
I try agian , and :
  Stopped at  read_bootflag(buf1, buf2);
I have 1.0.3 too.
Once again - from which source is address 0x001059b0 ?

> your cam, where is the blue led located?
 It's button with lamp icon on it and with print icon below .
In shot mode this button used for light status display.

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #109 on: 21 / December / 2009, 09:08:58 »
I assume you used CardTrick software for making CF-card bootable did you select "CF boot sector" option at the bottom right part of the window (I had the same problem as you until I checked this option in CardTrick)


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