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350d boot from cf card

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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #380 on: 18 / February / 2012, 03:51:13 »
yes, you're missing something ;) but it's actually quite simple to get it work, you have to set custom function 1 to a value 1, 2 or 3. with values 0 (standard value) and 4 the code won't recognize the set button.
there is also the option to change the functionality of the SET and JUMP buttons eg if you want to have the custom function set to 4 but of course you will lose the function that was on the jump button.

Hi! How to set custom function? I have to do it on my 350d or I should recompile something?

I've found custom_function.txt but what should I change and where should I place it??
Go to your camera menu, last "tab" (I think it's the last, don't have my cam here to check), there's a submenu called "custom functions". go there and change CFn01 (the one that determines what the SET button does) to a different value.
If you have the button set to do nothing the code will not be able to use it either.

Thx so much! It works! Thx, Thx, Thx!

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #381 on: 27 / February / 2012, 10:21:21 »
Hello all and congrats for the work done, it is impressive.

Just one question, I've installed the latest hack "350d_all_in_infov2.zip" and I don't have access to functions beyond "13:Shutt.Count“, any reasons?



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Re: 350D HELP Please
« Reply #382 on: 06 / March / 2012, 06:12:30 »
Hi there

ive just heard about CHDK and the trail has led me to join up...

Ive just bought an old Canon 350D for training purposes and would like to install the latest firmware that has been modified (hack?)

Ive read some posts here but they seem confusing.

Is there some simple list of instructions anyone is able to help me with that i could follow to get the results?

Please also tell me about what exactly i will be able to use after the installation of this upgrade (post 1.03)

Much appreciated


i agree. after chkd installation on a550 and a580 succesfully for timelapse photography, i also bought a second hand 350d and a nice sigma lens.

if there could be a nice and simple to do list to use CHKD on 350d,that would be great.

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #383 on: 20 / March / 2012, 21:39:28 »
hi...im new in the forum and tried CHDK in my 350D and now I am having a great problem.

i just followed the instructions in this link below


but now when I want to use a normal CF CARD, my camera cannot read it anymore and says "ERR CF"

what am i going to do now? Please help me. I want to revert back all the settings in my camera before...please help.

This was my post by the time I bricked my 350D. From that time I was looking for a solution but I couldn't find one. After few months, I decided to give up and purchase a new 60D to replace my deceased 350D.

But, last night I was looking for strap in my bag when I found the deceased 350D. I switched it on but it has no power, the battery might have been drained since its a year and a half had past since the camera was bricked. Then I decided to charge the battery and take out the back up battery from the camera.

After the battery was fully charged, I placed it into the camera then to my surprise it came back to life. It can read the CF card and can take photos. Everything went back to normal and the 350D was resurrected. By that time, I immediately upgrade the firmware to 1.0.3 and is again ready for the CHDK firmware.


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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #384 on: 04 / April / 2012, 19:18:19 »
I am desperate: I get no blue lights. One red flash is all.

Yes, I have 1.0.3
Yes, the bootflg2.fir is copied to the root directory, using the mac terminal to check for invisible files.
Yes, I have also tried with the other .fir files.
Yes, I have gone through with the whole procedure, in case the camera is lying to me with regards the lights, to no avail.
No, I have not tried with other CFs, since I don't want to buy one in case it doesn't work. How are the chances of another CF solving my problems?


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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #385 on: 07 / April / 2012, 02:43:40 »
any developers around from when this project first started? I've been trying to start something on the 5d classic for a while now with no luck. Also, it turns out the 5d classic rom is identical beginning to end to the 350d, so this is interesting.

If anybody knows about how the bootflag was set, please get at me!
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Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #386 on: 28 / May / 2012, 16:39:11 »
Hello, can anyone help me? I have run bootflg2.fir, leds are flashing in proper order, but when the blue led lights steady, i cannot switch my 350D off, i have to remove the battery. And when i try to copy autoexec.bin to my flash card and boot the camera, nothing special happenes, camera boots as normal without any changes. I have tried scanled.fir too with the same result, any help please?

ty, sluny

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #387 on: 28 / May / 2012, 17:55:59 »
The camera should boot as normal on first look.
Does it still boot from a CF card that doesn't have the autoexec.bin?
Have you tried entering the menu via the info button?

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #388 on: 29 / May / 2012, 03:45:39 »
Yes, it boots without any problems from the card with or without autoexec.bin, "info menu" not working. It simply looks like the camera was not hacked to boot from bootable CF card. As I wrote, when using the bootflg2.fir, camera flashes led diods in the right order (blue, blue, blue+red, steady blue), but I cannot switch the camera off after that, turning the dial to "off" does nothing, I have to remove batteries to turn the camera off. Any idea?

Re: 350d boot from cf card
« Reply #389 on: 05 / July / 2012, 19:20:44 »
Hi everyone! I'm new to CHDK and I'm intrigued by all the possibilities this hack could give to my old but worthy 350D. I'm curious about the 3200 ISO update and 1/3 stops increments. They are real, or are like kind of tricks of taking a raw picture and push the the exposure levels 1/3 or 1 stops to make it reach ISO 3200 in camera? Would be a significant difference of a 3200 ISO picture with this hack vs a picture taken in 1600 ISO an then pushed 1 stop in pp? I shot raw 95% of the time.

This hack sound great! and the spot meter sounds crazy! But I'm a poor man with little money to spend and can't do this kind of things without some kind of research. Also, this hack can be reverted? and do I have to flash all my CF cards?

Thanks in advance!



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