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SD 600 shuts off randomly

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SD 600 shuts off randomly
« on: 16 / September / 2009, 20:25:36 »

So I'm new to CHDK but I haven't really had any issues with it... The software seemed pretty self explanatory, but the website is all over the place and hard to navigate.

BUT I am having issues finding a intervalometer script that doesn't shut off randomly, and it occurred to me that it may be the ... err firmware?  software? Operating system?  (what is the correct term for CHDK?)

What I mean is I'm not sure where the problem lies. 

I have a powershot SD600 and I've been using this script on the endless setting (only because I don't know how long I want it to go, never more than a few hours):

And I've been having repeated problems with the camera turning off randomly.

I'm shooting low res shots with the display off and not using pre-focus.  First time it happened it got maybe 900 shots off at one every 8 seconds (though it seemed to be more like 5).  Second time it got maybe 300 shots taking one shot every 2 seconds (tho it seemed just to shoot continuously).  Third and final time it got a grand total of 5 shots... just enough for me to verify it was working and walk away... [that one pissed me off].  I've changed the battery between each shoot and the card is far from full.

How would I go about diagnosing what the problem is, or what should I do?  I read through the script and to my untrained eye it doesn't seem like it has anything in it that would shut down the camera, and it's the only intervalometer I can find that lets you turn the LCD off and on which seems like a pretty necessary function.  So that makes me wonder if CHDK is just crashing after a while.  I have another theory too:  It sees like the battery gauge fluctuates pretty substantially, so I'm wondering if during one of it's low fluctuations it decides it needs to shut down, even though it really has a fair ammount of charge left.  (This mean it's time to replace my batteries? I've had them since I got the camera in 2006 but took pretty good care of them in terms of fully discharging)

I've searched for SD600 repeatedly on this forum and i'm not getting any hits.  Am I the last person alive using an outdated camera?  I love this thing and it doesn't seem that old to me.  Or am I searching by the wrong name?

And just to pile on the many questions I seem to have posted here, I've been shooting in 640x480 because it's my understanding that's sort of standard video size for television (right?), but that's pretty low-res, so it seems silly to shoot that low.  If I wanted to shoot for HDTV what res should I shoot in?

ANY help, or advice for saving battery power during time-lapse shots, or similar stories or other CHDK users with SD600's, or even advice on what intervalometer you think it best, would be big time appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


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