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sunset white balance

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sunset white balance
« on: 17 / September / 2009, 12:30:29 »

I've got a S5 and I've shoot few sunset pictures in DNG.  I've got a hard time finding the correct white balance to match or get a better result from the JPEG.

I'm using dcraw in 16bits like this:
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dcraw -v -W -o 0 -q 3 -4 -T
Is anyone know how to use this option in dcraw:
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-A <x y w h> Average a grey box for white balanceI don't know which area I should use for the neutral grey box...


Re: sunset white balance
« Reply #1 on: 17 / September / 2009, 15:07:03 »
Normally, you would shoot a greycard at the same time and under the same lighting conditions as the images you eventually want to adjust. You would choose this in post production to set your white balance and then apply that setting to your other images.

Unless you have done this, there is no "grey box" to use.



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