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coder wanting to get started

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coder wanting to get started
« on: 22 / September / 2009, 15:49:39 »
Hey forum,

I am really interested in firmware dumping and all sorts of reverse engineering protected by USC Title 18 Chapter 12 section f. How do I get started here?

Who are the gurus here? I didn't go searching the wiki for that stuff so if you want to google it for me go ahead. In the point and shoots is there a particular embedded processor they all use? I would like to know the instruction set and all the vulnerabilities there are.

I want to get started on my IXUS 95 (SD1200IS), I want RAWs from it in DNG. I would also like to learn by example, so if there are any detailed instructions about how to get code inserted into the camera then please post them. PM me or whatever is common here.

I'm really interested in photography and as far as hacking firmware is concerned, this is one of the most rational harmless excuses out there. Party hard?


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Re: coder wanting to get started
« Reply #1 on: 22 / September / 2009, 16:05:26 »

welcome to the forum !

IMHO a good start would be the developer section of the Wiki

i hope you're a good reader/searcher, BTW, as most open source projects it usually creates a first impression of anarchy and chaos  :D

have fun and see you around !


edit: processor: ARM946ES (not sure 'bout ES)
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Re: coder wanting to get started
« Reply #2 on: 22 / September / 2009, 16:46:06 »
Yes, there is a lot of anarchy here, the useful stuff is in like 10 different threads. If you want to dump your firmware, you must try the LED blinking method. Read this thread:,4188.0.html


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