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7D initial steps

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7D initial steps
« on: 02 / October / 2009, 21:59:28 »
Through trial and error, I've determined that the firmware signature word is 0x80000250 for the Canon 7D.  This allows the firmware to begin loading, but it errors out with:
Code: [Select]
Update file error.
Please check the memory
card and relad the
battery and try again.
Autoexec.bin is not run (but now Magic Lantern can autoboot the 5D), so I can't use that approach to get code running.

Re: 7D initial steps
« Reply #1 on: 02 / October / 2009, 22:35:43 »
(Sorry for the double post earlier)

If I leave the header offset (0x28 in the firmware file) as 0x120 instead of changing it to 0x110 on the 5D, I get the exact same orange box error message.  Unfortunately I have no recollection of why my assemble_fw script changes that offset.  Does anyone know what purpose it serves to adjust this value?


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