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Dumb newb question

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Dumb newb question
« on: 03 / October / 2009, 12:51:06 »
I'm thinking of trying out CHDK for Astrophotography and I'm wondering if there's a capability to do remote images for focusing?

The idea is that I'm setting up a laptop for my wheelchair bound girlfriend to operate a telescope from. I've already got telescope control via Stellarium/Stellarium Scope and EQMod and imaging through a NexImage but I'm thinking my Powershot would do a much better job than the NexImage.

The NexImage does have the advantage of live video for focusing (via remote focus setup). I've seen software for the Cannon DSLRs that approximates this by taking rapid-fire images and analyzing the focus (not live video but its plenty fast enough).

Is there something like the above I can use with CHDK to facilitate focusing? If not, how do people do focusing other than looking at the tiny LCD (which I can never focus properly with anyway).


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