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gPhoto-like software support

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gPhoto-like software support
« on: 05 / October / 2009, 03:44:41 »
I am putting together a small camera trap system to capture stills of wild life. I have a small low-power PC running Linux and need to find a cheap camera for the rig (cheap in case of damage or theft...). I am looking at SD1100 but have a few questions.

As I understand it, the SD1100 with the factory firmware does not support tethered shooting. CHDK allows the USB interface to be used as a logic-input for a remote trigger and scripts to be run on the camera. Is it possible however to use CHDK with applications such as gPhoto (or gPhoto2)? That is, can a camera running CHDK be plugged into a PC via the USB port and allow an application running on the PC change the camera setting, trigger the shutter and download the image? gPhoto allows, for example, the image to be stored in the cameras ram and downloaded directly to the PC. Such functions have obvious advantages for time-lapse photography or high-quality webcams.

Re: gPhoto-like software support
« Reply #1 on: 05 / October / 2009, 04:51:03 »
This is done with the SDM development of CHDK but only on a Windows system.


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