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Free software meeting

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Free software meeting
« on: 15 / May / 2008, 11:12:08 »

I'm one of the organizers of the meeting "Les VII Jornades de
Programari Lliure" (Seventh meeting of Free Software". This meeting
will take place from the 2th to the 5th of July 2008 in Barcelona,
Spain. The meeting is free to attend, an open to all.

Main topics is about free software and Multimedia. I think that CHDK
is a good initiative. I'd would like to contact with one project
leader for giving a conference and/or tutorial about CHDK.

If some leader of the project is interested in it, please contact me
(josep at for continue the proposal.



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Re: Free software meeting
« Reply #1 on: 03 / June / 2008, 16:32:16 »
i'm sorry for that this topic has been neglected by the developers. i dont think they wouldnt be interested in coming to your meeting, the distance is more the problem. most of the devs are coming from far away in respect to Barcelona. This would make the trip VERY expensive. And since we don't have any funds, i very much doubt that any of our devs will attend your meeting on their own personal money.
If - on the other hand - one of the leaders already contacted you in this matter (and confirmed he would come) then ignore this post.
On the other hand, does it have to be a leader of this project? The forum is packed with people who know almost everything about CHDK. And some of the people who are not "leaders" also know a lot about the "inner workings" of chdk. Though i doubt that your meeting will be about actual code & implementations. it's more about the "idea" and spirit of the whole project, right? What i'm trying to imply here is that maybe a non-leader can attend your meeting and speak about chdk (because he is more in the vicinity of the meeting's location).

anyhoo, good luck with your meeting!


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Re: Free software meeting
« Reply #2 on: 05 / June / 2008, 18:47:01 »
oooh sounds fun. too bad I don't live in Spain :(. Can I join the meeting thru video chat (if you decide to accept non-leaders)? I would love talking about CHDK :). And I think this meeting would really help CHDK's publicity out (even tho a lot of members don't want to :()

Also Phox:
The meeting is free to attend, an open to all.
That implies that anybody can come (tho it does not imply that anybody can talk/discuss :P)
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