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SD 780 IS - Installation problems

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SD 780 IS - Installation problems
« on: 05 / October / 2009, 15:15:46 »
Hey, am moving this discussion from the Porting thread on this model.

Am having major issues getting the CHDK on my camera. I'm using an 8g memory stick, and have tried both the manual installation as well as the script writer (I'm on a mac)

Regardless I can't seem to get it to activate the firmware update. I know that it's still in the process of being ported, but I was still interested in giving it a go.

Anyone who has put it on their 780 mind giving me a bit more instruction. I get the feeling that the process is a bit different since it's still being completed, and the general instructions aren't totally applicable. (Plus I'm new at this)

Thanks a bunch in advance.

Re: SD 780 IS - Installation problems
« Reply #1 on: 05 / October / 2009, 15:18:42 »
Just to give a bit more detail. I load everything onto the SD card, but get nothing once I lock the card and start in playback mode.

I've tried loading various ways - partitioning, etc. I'm wondering if it's maybe the specific folders I am using. I have the big chdk folder, as well as the DISKBOOT.bin. Is it really just as easy as copying them into the root of the card? This hasn't yielded me any results, so perhaps I need to format them a certain way? Thanks again.

Re: SD 780 IS - Installation problems
« Reply #2 on: 05 / October / 2009, 15:27:41 »
Alright, problem solved:

The manual loading method is extremely simple. All you have to do is
1) copy the files to the root of your SD card. If using a Mac, make sure that it doesn't do stupid magic behind your back 99% of Mac users problems are caused by this.
2) insert the card and start the camera in play mode
3) press the menu button, and scroll down to "firm update"


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