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SD980 beta release

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Re: SD980 beta release
« Reply #350 on: 13 / August / 2011, 18:54:39 »
Have a working CHDK firmware for IXUS 200 v100c, whomever created that, I neet to look it up. Highly likely I also still have the source since I started porting to IXUS200 v1.01c. which was as you know now already done, not by me ;)

Thanks for the CHDK-PT, will look into it. Very nice to have more options there. Since like to build firmware from scratch with the Linaro toolchain on Linux. This make it easier for me to modify source and improve without waiting for someone to do it. In the past painstakingly disassembled using IRDA.

And, yes I was also busy with my other cam the IXUS 100 version 100c will report back in that thread.


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Re: SD980 beta release
« Reply #351 on: 16 / August / 2011, 16:59:56 »
Thanks for the menu erase fix waterwingz. I have noticed an odd issue with the playback option, when there are several hundred (maybe thousands of pictures) stored on my 32gb (dual partition) SD card it appears to be busy infinitely which prevents the viewing of other pictures. I will do some more testing and post back. So far everything else seems to work very well.

I also just received a refurb of this camera with 1.01d on it as well, will be doing further testing with it.

Re: SD980 beta release - firmware 1.00c port needed or not ?
« Reply #352 on: 16 / August / 2011, 21:14:02 »
Reading back through these posts,  I can't tell if anyone actually wants a 1.00c version available in the autobuild server.  If there is a need,  and you are willing to test a port (i.e. go through multiple iterations while we get it working) then send me a PM with a real email address as contact info.  Otherwise I will consider this closed and not make plans to work on it.
« Last Edit: 16 / August / 2011, 22:35:27 by waterwingz »
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Re: SD980 beta release
« Reply #353 on: 19 / August / 2011, 18:52:36 »
Yes please, and it is good for me to have some practice for future CHDK work. I'm willing to test. Have also Gentled USB2 cables and some remote cables so can do some remote shutter and zoom tests also. Will send email. TIA

Re: SD980 beta release
« Reply #354 on: 24 / October / 2011, 13:03:39 »
Hello all, I'm a newbie here, testing 101c on my IXUS200 (SD980). Suggest me, how and where to report bugs? I found an important one, and some minor too.
An important issue for me is: shooting process doesn't work properly within the script, when AEL (AE-lock) is on. If using the 'shoot' command, it stops at the second shot (just a bit after). When using 'click "shoot_full"', it stops just after a last shoot in the sequence. (Any delays before, between and after doesn't mean. Cycle or linear sequence, doesn't mean. Script works fine when AEL is off, and when AFL is on or off. Shooting manually works fine). The camera operation is not hanged when this stopping occurs, it seems that script (or interpreter?) is waiting for some reaction. The screen is cleared from any CHDK messages/output/menus/remarks. If I switch off CHDK blindfold (by pressing "play" button), then switch off AEL, then switch on CHDK again, script continues and works fine till the end. Sometimes CHDK functioning seems someway corrupted, because "play" button leads to the play mode, not to CHDK mode (don't catched when, exactly).
I found it on the 1344 build, and it still the same on the more fresh 1385 (dated 23th october 2011). However my test script stopped more early on 1344 then on 1385 (giving just 1-2 shots), so there are some progress ;)

The minor issue is the strange behavior of the ND-filter override. The Tv override works stably, and ND- seems to work too: setting "ND Filter In" gives more dark pictures, and vice versa. However a) this is not reflected on the screen, (the value at the bottom is always 2.8 or what was selected by camera automatically). b) This is not written to EXIF, so it cannot be checked by no means.

This ND-filter is a riddle for me, because on my IXUS200 it have at least three gradations (at the minimal zoom) - 2.8,  3.2 and 4.0. So what exactly happens when setting ND-filter just "In" or "Out" , I can only guess :(

(I'm trying to establish an automated shooting process for panoramas, so identical Av and Tv values, like in the Manual mode, required). Sorry for my humble English and if I should do more, I can ;) [study and report problems more thoroughly, for example].

Re: SD980 beta release
« Reply #355 on: 02 / November / 2011, 18:12:08 »
Canon IXUS 200 (SD980)
Firmware version 1.01c

Using CHDK from the autobuild server revision 1390 (and 1391)

CHDK loads fine into normal mode, but I have been unable to get into alternative <alt> mode.
The usual method seems to be using the DISP button (as this camera doesn't have the direct print button), I have tried various durations of pushing this button - all it does is just change the brightness of the display. I that I have also tried every combination of buttons/switch on the camera including FUNC.SET + DISP.

The only CHDK function I have been able to access is the live histogram by holding the self timer button whilst half pressing the shutter.

Can anyone give me any pointers as to how to get into alternative <alt> mode?
or might it be a problem with the camera and the current (2011/11/02) builds?

(I have have plenty of prior experience of using CHDK with A570, A590, IXUS 860 (SD870))
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Re: SD980 beta release
« Reply #356 on: 02 / November / 2011, 19:04:08 »
I have just solved my own problem, a short press of the play button, switches the camera between Normal and Alternative<alt> mode.
How I didn't find that earlier, I don't know..
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Re: SD980 beta release
« Reply #357 on: 03 / November / 2011, 15:59:49 »
hamfent, hello. Do you know something about IXUS200 aperture? It seems to be a real diaphragm, with at least four values: 2.8; 3.2; 3.5; 4.0. Strangely, but anything about it anywhere (in the camera's manual, DPreview and so on).

Re: SD980 beta release
« Reply #358 on: 05 / November / 2011, 10:49:15 »
I assumed the SD980 (200Is) only used a ND filter, but I now realise this is not the case.
Looking at test shots, and reading the EXIF data, it seems obvious that the depth of field is increased as the f-stop increases. On my IXUS the crispness of focus seems to be at its best around f5.6.
With its 24mm equivalent wide angle offering this little gem of a camera really rocks  :)


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Re: SD980 beta release
« Reply #359 on: 06 / November / 2011, 03:59:45 »
hamfent...Do you know something about IXUS200 aperture? It seems to be a real diaphragm,...
Using a torch light (and maybe a magnifying lens) you'll see the real mechanic structure ;)


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