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New Gui to Install CHDK

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New Gui to Install CHDK
« on: 18 / March / 2019, 03:04:45 »
Well recently I got an Idea for a new Tool to make the Life with CHDK a lot easier. I want to create a new Gui that helps with the Installation of CHDK and shall be a replacement for all the Tools that are out there, which are all a bit Outdated (which is not a problem since they all still do their job), but missing a few features I personally like to have.. So I just want to get a little bit of Feedback, if the Idea of my Project is good and if there are still some things people would like to have..

So here is the List of features I thought of so far:

1. Preparing an SDCard and Downloading/Installing CHDK on it (including creating partitions and make the Card bootable)
2. Managing several Cameras
3. Managing different SD-Cards (keeping track of the Installed Version etc.)
4. A Script Manager (installing and Uninstalling scripts)
5. CHDK Settings Management (editing the Configuration on your Computer, Set global Settings for all of your Cameras for example)
6. Multilanguage support
7. Multiplattform support (Pretty sure I can do Windows and Linux, Mac i am not sure about, because i have no way of testing it)
8. Easy to expand and future Safe

If you have any Questions or Suggestion, please comment in this Thread. Maybe I'd ask for some basic help in the Later Development, so if you feel like you might help , I'd be glad for every helping Hand..

with best Regards


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