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CHDK PTP interface

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Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #1220 on: 08 / August / 2019, 18:37:16 »
send 461 size:53 0x35...ok
send 462 size:52 0x34...I/O error
aborted at send 462 size:52 0x34, communication error
So it fails at exactly 52 (64 - 12 overhead?) and not nearby multiples. Not sure what we could do about this. Could try two reads, like 48 and 4.

We could, although I'm not sure if it's worth it. The cameras only activate their wireless interface when the user enters the Wifi related dialogs. I find it hard to imagine that anyone (other than some 3-letter agencies and the like) will spend their time exploiting these firmware bugs. And only a very low percentage of cameras run CHDK.
Yeah, this doesn't seem a high risk. OTOH, someone making a stink about "CHDK undoes Canon security fix" could be unfortunate.

Thinking about it more, we could check the USB bit (in physw_status, not the hardware state) and only allow CHDK operations if its set. Since there's no working PTP/IP client for CHDK, having it off when USB is not present shouldn't be a problem (unless there's threading issues that make it drop out momentarily when kbd_task runs  :-[). This could also be an option: CHDK PTP: [USB only, USB+wifi, off]

If there's exposure when the camera is paired with a phone, that could be a bigger risk, but my impression is that's totally separate.

I posted the links because the descriptions mention the problematic PTP handlers by name. And that we'll get to see the fixes (M3 and M10 are on the list).
That could be interesting.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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