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CHDK PTP interface

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Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #550 on: 02 / August / 2011, 12:06:10 »
Thanks Muck !
Some serious study required and I will inevitably have to message you with detailed questions.

There is so much information on the forum now that  it is difficult to find the topic of interest unless you were somehow associated with it.


Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #551 on: 06 / August / 2011, 08:38:12 »
No one said this would be easy but it is so tedious ....

CHDKCAM performs most functions by sending Lua commands to camera.
I send uBasic commands.

Problem is, the script data is being 'corrupted' at the camera end in a rather bizarre way .

I have found that the same thing happens when using the upload function of the original ptpcam modified for CHDK.

So, I have loaded the CHDKDE code on the camera and ptpcamGui.
In the console this works :-

download A/diskboot.bin  D/test.bin

Good, so I can test this :-

upload D/test.bin A/test.bin

That does not work, no file from any directory can be uploaded because ptpCamGui console cannot open it.

Unlike ptpcam that I normally use, ptpCamGui does not like capitals in filename
It also does not like the current directory letter being included in the pathname.

What version of ptpcam.exe is being used and is the source online ?

With my script data, two 0xFF are being inserted at the end and the rest of the data pushed to the left but not beyond character 36.

(The 'end' was added at the camera end.)

See attached file below :-

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Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #552 on: 12 / August / 2011, 07:46:32 »
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Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #553 on: 15 / August / 2011, 06:53:28 »
- rudi has now implemented a very nice multi camera feature. You can use more than one camera with the GUI. Every Camera get a unique identification number.

Is that discussed in the German forum ?



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Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #554 on: 15 / August / 2011, 09:16:04 »
Is that discussed in the German forum ?

Yes, a little bit.

But this feature was not really useable. Not every camera sends a unique id (older Vxworks cams). The system was instable. Therefore this feature was removed again in the ptpCamGui.


Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #555 on: 15 / August / 2011, 09:35:15 »

Yes, a little bit.


Let us hope Google translate does a decent job.

I guess further research will also be needed.

Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #556 on: 16 / August / 2011, 10:35:23 »
as i posted previously ive got almost everything working with mweerden's code with live preview on the SX 120.
I ported the patch for the SX 130 ver101f and everything seems to be ok. however i have noticed something strange.
at around 1/8 th of the total zoom ( and even at higher zooms) if i take a snap using the ptp interface there is significant pincushion distortion which is absent if i take the snap by pressing the button physically.

is it possible that the lua shoot() function is skipping some correction routine which is called after the normal button press ??
has this been observed in other models ??
any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #557 on: 18 / August / 2011, 02:17:18 »
in followup to the above post philimoz was lightning fast in providing an update for the SX 130 and the pincushion distortion was solved

i am glad to note that mweerden's live preview works like a charm on his so graciously provided .net source on the SX 130 and the patched binary can be downloaded from the SX 130 thread or this post


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Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #558 on: 20 / August / 2011, 01:47:17 »
Played with mweerden's code on the G12/SX30/IXUS310.

Managed to figure out the OSD bitmap palette for these newer cameras, so I can get both the live view and OSD overlay.

Attached is a screen shot of IXUS310 using a modified version of mweerden's test PTP program & library.

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  sx130is (1.01d & 1.01f)
  ixus310hs (1.00a & 1.01a)
  sx40hs (1.00d, 1.00g & 1.00i)
  g1x (1.00e, 1.00f & 1.00g)
  g5x (1.00c, 1.01a, 1.01b)
  g7x2 (1.01a, 1.01b, 1.10b)

Re: CHDK PTP interface
« Reply #559 on: 02 / September / 2011, 08:28:48 »
hi phil,
any progress on your changes to the live preview or adding it to the trunk. ?

not that everything is not working as it should, just as it is, just hoping to get a little more juice out of it. at the moment im getting around 7fps. i know it is the code at my client side which is to be blamed but was hoping to optimize it only after the thing got incorporated in the trunk so that i do not have to worry about patching every time the trunk changes, :)


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