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the sx20 porting thread

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Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #540 on: 29 / April / 2010, 20:31:28 »
Please help. I'm a total noob with this! I have installed this beta on my 102b sx20. Is there a way to save raw? If there is a way if someone could please give me a step by step it would be much apreciated!
Thank you!
Recommend downloading the latest User Guide from the CHDK usuage webpage. You can find the info for RAW on pages 16-18 of the 'New User Guide April2009'. Here is the shortcut to the guide (PDF):

After that, you'll want to process the RAW files so then you'll want to checkout
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Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #541 on: 29 / April / 2010, 22:12:02 »
First off, THANK YOU for the beta port to 1.02B!! Been waiting for this one a while now :)

Anyone figure out the video quality buffer overload issue? Shooting in 720p on a 4GB Class 4 SDHC card, I found out that as long as the quality override is kept below 55, the camera does okay (though unless the setting is below 50 sometimes the camera randomly over-buffers and stops the video), and down to about 40-45 the video quality isn't too bad. Is there just too much info (high quality HD video) trying to be passed to the memory card at one time that causes the buffer to overload because the card isn't fast enough to keep up, or is it something else related to CHDK?

Something I have noticed and REALLY like is the smaller file size (meaning more recording time!!) of the so-called lower quality settings... Something I've also gotten very used to on my CHDK'd SD770.

Again, to all the developers, THANK YOU!
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Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #542 on: 30 / April / 2010, 01:55:01 »

Thanks to everyone who is working on this port!

I installed the chdk on a 2 gb card to auto boot and it runs on my camera.

A few issues to report (sorry if known)

1) the chdk menu doesn't clear when I am done selecting options and want to take a picture.  I have a work around: press the camera button to go into playback mode and then again to go to record mode.

2) the raw files (.crw) dont seem to be recognized by png4ps-2 or any other raw processor I've tried (ufraw and picasa)

3) When I try to set the dng setting on the raw parameters menu I get an error:
Cannot load CHDK/badpixel.bin
Please run

Bad pixel removal is the previous option above DNG format. When I go into miscellaneous stuff -> file browser  and navigate to badpixel.lua and press the set button the miscellaneous menu redisplays. Is pressing the set button the right way run a .lua when navigated to it in the file browser?

Sorry if known, if these don't happen for other testers, is there something I can try?

I see there is a video for setting up a larger memory card with a dual partitions for auto booting chdk. Are there written instructions anywhere? I saw someone e-mailed something about this to a poster here, was that written instructions? Can you  post the instructions in this thread? I have a slow dialup connection and video's don't work well. If not, can somenone give me a brief overview and maybe I can figuire out the rest myself.

Can I ask a question because I'm too lazy to rtfm...

Should the iso override let my camera use higher iso in auto iso mode? Without chdk, the camera will only go to higher iso (above 400) if I use manual iso settings. I'd like to use the auto iso and have it automatically select higher iso's.


Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #543 on: 30 / April / 2010, 03:13:57 »
Read the manual and previous forum posts. All your questions will be answered.

Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #544 on: 30 / April / 2010, 20:09:10 »
Follow up to my previous post regarding SX20IS Firmware 1.02b with CHDK.

Motion detection works most of the time. I think it is the display update issues that give the apperance of it not working all of the time since sometimes all I have on the display is a live shot through the lens, no grid, no cells, no CHDK features, but it still captures images when movement is detected.

My bird shots didn't work out as I had hoped. It was too windy, but I got 400+ shots of the feeder swinging in the wind. There were a few shots of birds landing when it was calm, but nothing spectacular. The storms that moved through last night produced flashes hidden by clouds, got a few "bright" shots of the gray cloud base, but nothing worth keeping.

Ultra Intervalometer (multiple versions) locks the camera up and causes a reboot. It did not matter what mode the dial was set to.

YASS - V2 also locks the camera up and causes a reboot.,4920.0.html. Same thing with the dial, various settings did not make a difference in its performance.

I'm hopeful that I will be able to do more testing this weekend and work around some of the scripting issues. My basic skills are lacking since I haven't touched basic since my Apple IIe days.

Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #545 on: 02 / May / 2010, 14:23:45 »

how did you start the motion detection? If I choose any script (.bas) I ALWAYS get the text on the console-output:
**** Started ****
This is a default script.
Scripts run when shutter
is pressed in ALT mode.
Press shutter to exit.

It looks like, i cannot choose a scipt. This is my first use of CHDK, it could be possible, that I make a mistake. Can anybody help me? I read the FAQ about scripts and I think I choose it in the right way...

with ALT+Func.Set I get the screen "Load script ..." and i choose one with "Funk.Set". After it I leave the menu with the menu key (the menu is almost visible) and I press the shutter... then the message (*** default script) will be scrolled in the console output.

The other functions like super fine, RAW in DNG Format is great and the results are brilliant! Thanks for the port!

If anyoune has a hint for me, it would be great.


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Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #546 on: 02 / May / 2010, 15:49:25 »

try selecting your script from PLAY mode CHDK menu, then switch to REC mode:
when in REC mode the selected script is already running, so it can't be changed.



Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #547 on: 02 / May / 2010, 16:56:30 »
Has anyone ever used edge overlay on SX20-IS (1.02b)( last release)
I can't use it, or its not possible on current release?


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Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #548 on: 03 / May / 2010, 00:15:07 »
SX 20 IS firmware 1.02b

Until Acid2000 (and others) have time to work on the refresh issues, I decided to create a document to help me test items on the menus (it was getting too confusing with all of the overlaps). I photographed and cropped all of the menu options and started adding comments. Although I've only begun testing in earnest, I decided to upload a copy of the document in case it might help others in their testing as well. Here is a link to the PDF on Rapidshare:

Code: [Select]
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Re: the sx20 porting thread
« Reply #549 on: 03 / May / 2010, 01:18:28 »
I installed the chdk successfully on a 4gb sdhc. I had to make a smaller partition to load the chdk in and a larger partition for pictures. The smaller has fat16 and larger fat 32. Just one fat 32 partition didnt seem to work.

Now I have the issue of the menu being glued tight. I can't get it off from the screen. It does go inactive when i press the alt button, so that i cannot browse the menu no longer(as if the menu were turned off) but the menu screen just don't go away. When I press ALT and func again, the menu become active again. But never does it go away.


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