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A versatile new USB switch for single or multiple cameras

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A versatile new USB switch for single or multiple cameras
« on: 10 / October / 2009, 17:11:57 »
A versatile USB remote switch has been introduced for SDM-enabled cameras.
It is available in basic and 'Pro' versions and a 10-way expander module is also available to aid the creation of lenticulars or 'Bullet Time' sequences using multiple cameras.

The basic unit is a simple switch with two USB 'A' sockets that avoids the need for Y-splitter cables.
600mm extra-flexible leads and right-angle USB connectors are also available.

The 'Pro' unit supports 10-way expander modules,synchronised time-lapse, external power-supply, external flash and a 'clean contact' jack socket in parallel with the button.
The latter allows a microcontroller, RC receiver, etc to be connected.
The external supply should be no more than 6V and no lower than the USB voltage the camera requires to trigger.

The external flash can be of any type, including studio flash, and the triac output enables older flash units with high-voltage on the synch contacts to be used.
It can be used for general (non-stereo) photography as well.

SDM SPORTS mode is now made easier, you keep the button pressed and follow the action through the viewfinder while the unit effectively release-and-presses the button.
This also aids synchronised bracketing for HDR when the camera is set to custom-timer mode.

Further details here http://www.gentles.ltd.uk/gentstereo/index.htm

Click the icons on the left.

(I have retained a rough, unlabelled protype unit provided for development).



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