Shutter release control

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    Shutter release control
    « on: 20 / October / 2009, 10:50:51 »
    If I'm using my camera (IXUS  970IS) manually I can press the shutter button half way, then repeatedly press and half release the shutter button. This lets me take a rapid series of pictures without having to re-focus or re-meter

    Anyone know how I can write a script to do the same. The initial half press is no problem - press "shoot_half" does the trick. Pressing the shutter fully is also easy - press "shoot_full". But then I'm stuck - how do I get back to the half pressed shutter? - release "shoot_full" is no good as that releases the shutter completely.

    Any ideas much appreciated.


    PS Problem I'm actually trying to solve is how to speed up this script (which works but has a far lower shooting rate than manually pressing the shutter button)

    while 1
        wait_click 1
        if is_key "remote" then shoot

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    Re: Shutter release control
    « Reply #1 on: 20 / October / 2009, 13:48:17 »
    Are you saving using the same format / size when shooting with your script than when shooting manually ?


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