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USB-Remote Voltage?

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Re: USB-Remote Voltage?
« Reply #10 on: 22 / November / 2009, 17:42:52 »
Not if Chdk is releasing the camera on PTP command instead of the 5V current.

As far as I understand this post,4338.0.html
additional information can be sent via PTP i.e. configuration data for Chdk.

My problem is, to implement the mode dail hack for IXUS 960 / SD950, so the camera get's
recognized by a desktop PC while in photo shooting mode (Auto/Manual) and not just in Play-Mode.
I'm a bloody newbie to the whole thing. I compiled Chdk using the Shell, modified the code a bit
and did some Assembler back in the Amiga days. Maybe this is all too steep.


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