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S90 Porting Thread

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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #30 on: 03 / January / 2010, 16:57:35 »
Going to re-dump the latter section of the fw, i have a feeling that something went a bit pear shaped there.

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #31 on: 04 / January / 2010, 16:54:04 »
Holiday time is up, out of time for doing anything with this for now. http://rapidshare.com/files/330257144/S90_GM1.00C.bin
I'll try and get round to doing something at the weekend or when I have some free time to do so.

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #32 on: 10 / January / 2010, 01:53:09 »
I love you all! I'm eagerly awaiting the CHDK for the S90. Is there anything I can do to help? I'm a programmer too, but I have no experience on low-level stuff like this. I'm interested in getting CHDK to work though. Keep up the good work!

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #33 on: 10 / January / 2010, 09:19:04 »

Check your email.


Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #34 on: 14 / January / 2010, 10:09:22 »
It has suddenly gone rather quiet   :)

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #35 on: 14 / January / 2010, 16:23:28 »
I've been watching this thread with excitement, please don't give up making CHDK for the S90.  I hoping some will continue to try and have CHDK developed for the S90.  I really do appreciate the time and effort that people have made to try and bring CHDK to life with the S90.


Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #36 on: 19 / January / 2010, 08:43:52 »
Hopefully it is the silence before the storm ;)

does Anyone know if chdk generally is able to bring HD Video to a camera which is able to (at least the hardware) ?
Because for me the biggest preoblem ist the low video res and i don't know why canon did not put HD video to the s90 and g11, maby it's marketing?!

I red that chdk is able to rise the quality of the videos but nothing about the resolution. Unfortunatly i dont now how big the role is that the hardware plays in this case, maybe someone here is able to say if it is just possible that chdk brings hd video to the s90.

If you have to, destroy my hopes.  :(
But please keep it friendly  :D

greetings... 8)
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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #37 on: 27 / January / 2010, 19:20:27 »
I had the same question about HD video.  Has anyone opened it up and checked the serial numbers on the parts to see what this camera is capable of?

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #38 on: 28 / January / 2010, 11:04:30 »
What's the next step with this port?  How can I help?  I have an S90 and just a tiny bit of hardware knowledge.  Is there any work from the G11 port that can be carried over?

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #39 on: 31 / January / 2010, 14:05:21 »
McAllister, unfortunately I must be the one to tell that there is very little chance to do HD videos in the S90. I read somewhere on the web that this new sensor can only output video in VGA resolution, so this is a hardware limitation. Maybe I'm wrong, but feel free to google about the S90 sensor and correct me.

Also, I just bought a S90 myself. It arrived yesterday. And would be AWSOME to have some news on the porting process for this cam...


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