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S90 Porting Thread

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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #320 on: 29 / April / 2010, 08:27:00 »
Yes, I. I did the complete port with autobooting on my 1.01a S90 camera. So it is definitly working.
You must do something wrong. How big is your SD-Card (Gigabytes)?
An did you allready tried to make a bootable SD-Card with Cardtricks?

Thanks, ERR99.

I finally caved and downloaded Cardtricks, which clearly showed the card was NOT bootable. :blink:  Cardtricks did the trick!

FWIW to others as stubborn as I -  just use Cardtricks!

Thanks again to everyone that offered help.

- Don


Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #321 on: 29 / April / 2010, 14:46:26 »
I have been checking out CHDK and I see there are 4 versions available for the S90.

100c, 101a, 101b, 101c

My S90 has the 100c version, and I was able to get chdk working with no problems. 
My question is...why does Canon have so many newer firmware versions and what is it that they fixed in the newer versions. Should I be concerned and call canon for a firmware update or is there a way to just update it with the "dumped" 101c version here on chkd. 

Has anyone gotten an update for the firmware from Canon?

Since users have "dumped" their firmware for CHDK, are those newer versions (101c) available for me to just put into my camera myself?



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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #322 on: 30 / April / 2010, 04:56:28 »
I found a configuration bug for the S90 port. S90 was configured as camera "CAM_HAS_ERASE_BUTTON". But the S90 does not have a dedicated ERASE button. So USER MENU editing was not working properly (SHOOT_HALF pressed was ignored in edit mode, because CHDK awaits a ERASE button keycode). I uploaded a fixed version to the "[REQ]Adding new cameras, applying patches into trunk (with source code prepared)" thread, so it is hopefully soon available in the autobuild.

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #323 on: 01 / May / 2010, 06:01:39 »
This is a little tutorial for all us noobs out there trying to get the CHDK package installed onto their SD card.

To obtain your firmware version just get the little tool from this previous thread.
Just run the prog and let it read an image to extract the firmware version.

Get the newest version of CHDK from here.

I had a few problems also trying to get basic CHDK package installed onto a new 32GB SDHC card and getting it to run off a partition. I followed the all the wikis, trawled the forums with lots of help, but in the wrong direction. After swapping partitions and general frustration (eventually I ended up blowing a fuse in my card) I found that there is a much simpler methodology to all this.

Just format your card using your camera or PC.
Under your operating system of choice just drag and drop/ copy and paste etc all the main files (DISKBOOT.BIN, PS.FI2, and the CHDK folder) from the Complete "FULL" version of the chdk files onto your sd card.

Pop you card back into the camera.
Then just boot into the chdk using playback mode by pressing the > button on the back, next the menu button and then the format option should appear. Select this and you good to go. Press the S button for alt to access the chdk menu. All the messing with partitions to create seperate partions is just too much of a pain for cards that do not want to play or for noobs.

The camera will create its own storage folder in the root along with the chdk to store the pictures/vids. These can then be accessed in the normal way. Its as simple as that. I hope this is of help to someone out there.

Re: S90 Porting Thread - 4GB PNY SDHC Class 4
« Reply #324 on: 03 / May / 2010, 14:13:04 »
Hello everyone!

I was able to get CHDK working on a PNY 4GB SDHC Class 4 SD card.  One partition, full access to all memory and it's bootable.

Wow, I feel like I just bought a new camera.  The first thing I did was take pictures of water dripping into a bowl at 1/100000sec.  How is that even possible!!  The second thing I did was take a 35sec exposure in my kitchen in the dark - because I CAN!

Then, I set my jpg save quality to SuperFine and allowed optical zoom in video (and increased the bitrate).

If there was a way to style the CHDK menu like the stock menu, this would be absolute perfection!

I've noticed my camera heats up faster with CHDK running.  Does it place more strain on the DIGIC IV processor?

On an unrelated note... if you haven't heard about it already, get the custom-machined grip by Richard Franiec for the S90.  It makes the camera a little easier to manage (safely) with one hand.

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #325 on: 05 / May / 2010, 08:03:34 »
Tested the chkd on my s90 (firm 100c) and found a few bugs

1)sometimes the color selection chart is limited to black, orange, gray, white.  Other times when I boot the chkd, the colors that are available show a full spectrum...blue, red, black, white, green,etc...  When the camera boots to the limited # of colors, it screws up my visual settings and uses a "clear" instead of the previously selected colors. 

I was able to take an 8gb card, format it in the camera, copy the files from chdk directly to the card and have it work.  I can not autoboot, so I have to "update" firmware if I want the chdk to work, but that is perfect.  And it was without making 2x4gb folders.  I did set the card to lock, and it is a transcend 8gb micro. 

Thanks again for all the great work.


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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #326 on: 05 / May / 2010, 08:10:04 »
Canon uses different color sets in PLAY and in SHOOTING mode. Not all colors are available in both modes.
Its not a bug, its a feature. ;)


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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #327 on: 05 / May / 2010, 10:16:34 »
In the G11 porting thread, there was a request to add a feature: Blocking of the rear jogdial.
I implemented it, and it works fine. So i also added this feature into my S90 test builds an attached them to this post.

If you test the attached test build, you will find two extra options under "Miscellaneous stuff" at the bottom of the list:
"Lock jogdial" which disables the jogdial in non-alt mode.
"Lock keys" which disables the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT keys in non-alt mode.

So, what are the S90 users here thinking: Is this a usefull feature?


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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #328 on: 05 / May / 2010, 10:18:49 »
An here the test build for 101c firmware:


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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #329 on: 05 / May / 2010, 11:50:14 »

So, what are the S90 users here thinking: Is this a usefull feature?

Yes I think it is a useful feature. Although I have learnt how to hold the camera without touching the jogdial, it is nice to have  the jogdial disabled when someone holds the camera and takes pictures for you.

Thanks ERR99 for implementing this feature!


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