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S90 Porting Thread

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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #380 on: 24 / June / 2010, 15:13:15 »
Bug in Chdk ver 9.9.5.

Extra photo options.
Disable Overrides. 
Manual says use the "half press" plus (down) arrow to toggle overrides on or off.  Down arrow does not work.  What does work is the half press plus the (right) arrow.  I wondered what in the He$$ I was doing wrong or missing in order to get this thing to work, and via experiment, I figured out that the right arrow push will toggle the settings on or off...not the down arrow.  I changed this in the wiki user manual online, but now I am wondering if it is a user manual error or a s90 beta build firmware error.  Someone let me know please or just fix the issue...either way....
My guess is for every 1 user who tries chkd and actually understands what it does, there is 5 who just walk away because of poor documentation.  Come on guys...example:  set this factor to 1-10, if this factor is set to 1/2 to 1/16000, based on the ev of the tv and the iso, but only if the master is set to override the TV mode if setting 46 is positive.  translation....blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.   


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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #381 on: 24 / June / 2010, 23:19:37 »

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #382 on: 25 / June / 2010, 12:26:31 »
Yup...I was venting...
But what I was referring to is on page 8 of the Manual. 
Section: Extra Photo Operations- Disable Overrides. 
I had set this to "on".  Then per the manual, I should be able to do a half press + Down to toggle the settings on or off.  The down arrow did nothing, only the half press plus right arrow seemed to work.  Maybe I am missing something. 

Not to worry, I may not even bother with the program.  It seems more work then it is worth.  (No disrespect meant). 

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #383 on: 25 / June / 2010, 17:24:08 »
Edit: Nevermind.
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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #384 on: 04 / July / 2010, 21:38:58 »
hi. very new to chdk. here's my situation, and related questions/issues:

my only disappointment with the s90 is the shutter lag, specifically the time it takes from the half press on the shutter to the time the picture shows up on the lcd. in auto mode, it was disappointing to see it so slow compared to my 3 yr old sd750. to my surprise, i found out the low light mode is SUPER fast.

so my intention is to use the low light mode as my main mode, so to speak. the only disadvantage would be a slight drop in pic quality, with the higher iso. enter chdk. i've had almost a week's worth of playing with it, so here are some stumpers - and reyalp thinks they might be bugs...AGAIN, ALL OF THESE IN LOW LIGHT MODE ONLY.

1. i realized (in low light mode) when i half press the shutter, i see the iso values on the lower right corner of the lcd do something curious: upon the half-press, it shows the override value i have set in shdk. and then it reverts to the iso value the camera assigns as it refocuses or whatever. that gave me an idea - i go into the menu portion, and thought maybe i can disable that - so i tried disabling servo af. it works. BUT - is that how it was intended - servo af MUST be off?

2. i set iso, but it's a little 'off.' if i set it to 50, the shot is taken at 80. at 100, it takes the shot at 160. it's exactly 60% more. why is that?

3. is there any way to override the zoom capability in low lightmode?

4. is it possible to override the picture size?

5. is it possible to have a forced flash?


Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #385 on: 15 / July / 2010, 17:15:38 »
I will do tests checking what you asked on my S90, but I believe that the answer to question 4 is "no" already. The low-light mode is tied to low-res sized pictures.

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #386 on: 08 / August / 2010, 02:59:46 »
Just wanted to thank you again for porting CHDK to the S90.

Are there any plans to port the latest changes (e.g. "Lock jogdial" & "Lock keys") to the Autobuild?

Thanks a million!


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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #387 on: 12 / August / 2010, 12:17:29 »
does set_focus work for this camera? (lua) i wanted to achieve infinite focus with that method but that doesn't seem working here, unlike the built-in manual focus


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Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #388 on: 13 / August / 2010, 07:46:04 »
ok i wanted to do focus to infinity but seems like set_focus(65535) is too much, set_focus(16000) seems doing the trick though

Re: S90 Porting Thread
« Reply #389 on: 08 / September / 2010, 22:47:22 »
Quick question, will any of the ports of the S90 work with the new S95 since I've read the only difference is the HD video and a few extra scene selection modes and the HS.

Any info greatly appreciated.



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