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NOOB help!

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NOOB help!
« on: 13 / November / 2009, 06:13:35 »
I recently purchased an SX200IS (I'm a wilderness backpacker, and I've been waiting a long time for this camera).  I'm assuming it was manufactured recently (SS# 8823113382).  I love it, but one of the reasons I purchased it was to take advantage of CHDK programming.  However, using both the "ver.req" and "vers.req" files on a 512 MB card, and using both the [FUNC SET > DOWN > DOWN] and [FUNC SET > DISP > DISP] sequences I can only get so far as the initial version screen ("').  Am I doing something wrong or is my camera too recent to recognize these commands?




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Re: NOOB help!
« Reply #1 on: 13 / November / 2009, 08:34:22 »
Hi Colescuttle, welcome to the forum !

Are you sure you're holding down Func/set while pressing DOWN or DISPLAY ?
According to the camera's Wiki page it should work with 'ver.req'
on the card.
Also, verify you've got the name right: ver.req ends in a Q not G

hope that helps,


edit: since the 2 firmware versions known for SX200IS (100c & 100d) are identical from the viewpoint of CHDK
       you could also just try either one ...
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