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Signing keys and DMCA 1201(f)(3)

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Signing keys and DMCA 1201(f)(3)
« on: 17 / November / 2009, 11:47:22 »
Once the signing keys for firmware images are found, is it possible to distribute them under the terms of 17 USC 1201(f)(3) to allow others to build independently created computer programs to interoperate with Canon's programs?

The information acquired through the acts permitted under paragraph (1), and the means permitted under paragraph (2), may be made available to others if the person referred to in paragraph (1) or (2), as the case may be, provides such information or means solely for the purpose of enabling interoperability of an independently created computer program with other programs, and to the extent that doing so does not constitute infringement under this title or violate applicable law other than this section.


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