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What DSLR do you recommend?

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What DSLR do you recommend?
« on: 21 / November / 2009, 16:29:23 »
I will be getting my first DSLR soon, I don't know much about them though yet.

My current camera is a SD870, CHDK on it of course.

I am looking for more of an entry model. My priorities are mostly ease of use, quick shooting, many settings, and good low light performance. Of course CHDK (any progress?) and HD video shooting don't hurt either. Overall I've been very satisfied with canon, as probably most of you.

Is there anything I should know about DSLR camera line-ups, or do the specs pretty much speak for themselves?


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Re: What DSLR do you recommend?
« Reply #1 on: 21 / November / 2009, 16:39:18 »
you should know that the camera body itself is not as important as the lenses you buy for it. get an older dslr which are on sale (my opinion, as i own one myself: 40d or in general the 2 digit dslrs by canon) and invest the rest of the money into decent lenses. i aint talking about "kitlenses" either.


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