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Link between CHDK and

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Link between CHDK and
« on: 28 / November / 2009, 10:38:19 »
Those SD cards with built-in WLAN are really fascinating. Unfortunately, they work completely automatically. You can make a basic set up, but after you put the card into your camera, it works alone: consuming energy during uselessly seaching for hotspots, sending every photo (also dark or blured ones)...

But perhaps it is possible to contact the developers of and convince them to implement a kind of API for some basic functions, for example "get a list of available WLANs" and "send picture X to WLAN Y". And the CHDK developers could implement a menu entry where the user can select the WLAN and the picture to be sent. That means, the user could get full manual control over his via the CHDK!

I think, this cooperation would be a great chance for because their product would get a user interface direct in the camera. And therefore perhaps some money could flow from them to the CHDK developers.

Paul Lenz

Re: Link between CHDK and
« Reply #1 on: 15 / August / 2011, 15:53:04 »
I just found this code:;a=summary

The developer's log says he added support for CHDK.

In another post ( he says
You need to move files between my project and CHDK and splice them in and recompile.
I've never done a custom build though.. wish me luck..
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