Alternative way of displaying date & time on an image

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Alternative way of displaying date & time on an image
« on: 15 / November / 2009, 11:43:39 »

I would like to have an option to have date and time of taking an image be printed at its bottom as for example here (that image was shot by a web camera).

I prefer to have such information on images, especially when making time lapse video clips:

(AEVA system for displaying youtube clips seems not to be perfect... It duplicated the first clip. Also, is there a way not to display clips but links to clips only?)

example #1: 20090906 oblaci shot by a webcam

example #2: 20091015 oblaci shot by SX200 IS using CHDK and simple script that makes a shot each x seconds until memory card is almost full (or a battery runs off - whichever occurs first :p) I really would like to have similar date & time stamp on clips like this one.

Both clips were made using ffmpeg.

(If sombeody wonders, "oblaci" is Croatian word for "clouds".)

Do I need to add that I strongly dislike the way date & time are printed by default (it is way too touristic for my taste).
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