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Best pocket canon camera under $100?

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Best pocket canon camera under $100?
« on: 30 / November / 2009, 18:31:23 »
I've been following the CHDK project for a few years, but haven't used it myself yet.  I shoot with a Canon 1D M II for my professional photography, and it's too big to take with me much of the time - e.g. when I'm riding my bike.  I'd like to get a small, cheap, Canon (natch) camera.  I'd also like to play with CHDK features, especially the ability to keep shooting in RAW even when using a small, cheap camera.  :-)


1)  Under $100.  The camera could be used or an older model (refurb, etc.), so a camera that was $300 new 2 years ago is certainly an option.

2)  Ability to shoot in RAW with CHDK.

3)  Bonus if the camera used AA batteries but this isn't a requirement.

4)  Bonus if the camera had a good wide angle lens.

5)  Bonus if the camera has a flip-out screen.  I LOVED this feature with my G1 (my first digital camera), it was the #1 thing I missed when I moved to the DSLR line 5 years ago.

If you have a model to suggest, it would be super if you could mention how your recommended camera does in all 5 of these points in your recommendation.



p.s.  I tried searching for other threads in this forum already, but haven't found anything that covered my particular criteria.  If this has been covered in another thread, a pointer to that thread would be great.


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Re: Best pocket canon camera under $100?
« Reply #1 on: 30 / November / 2009, 19:24:49 »
Under $100 pretty means used (AFAIK canon refurbs don't usually go that low). Generally, the lowest of the low end bottom out just a bit over $100. You might find closeout on a new camera for slightly less, but that will definitely be the bottom of the line models.

Flip out screen is only on the older high end A series (6xx), SX10, SX1, S5IS etc.

Cheap AA cameras pretty much means A series. If portability is your top priority, the ixus are better. The smaller A series will fit in a pocket, but not as comfortably as an ixus. The battery life of the 2AA cameras isn't great, although it's not bad if you invest in good NiMH cells. They do suffer from long flash charge times.

CHDK raw is available on every CHDK camera, but doesn't provide nearly as much benefit as DSLR raw.

Another criteria you might want to consider is adjustable aperture. This is not present on the ixus cameras, or any of the A series without an Av mode (which includes all the newest As and some of the lower end old ones)
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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