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400d extended ISO & Spot meter

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400d extended ISO & Spot meter
« on: 11 / December / 2009, 21:41:15 »
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm a newbie and a layman pc person. I am also a photographer and have paid a good portion of my bills with a camera over the years.
I found this site through another photographer...

The promise of being able to render my canon xti\400d into a light weight 40D appealed to me..My 40D with a bat grip and a big piece of "grey glass" can get tiring. I have an xti which I really like to use when hiking long distances with heavy glass.

I have tried everyting possible that i can do with a layman's knowledge of codes, etc, that I found on this site to modify my xti...to no avail...

if it is indeed possible to modify an xti ISO and metering capabilities, I'd really like to so...for those of us that are "challenged", it would be wonderful if someone that has succeded in making these mods work post a dummies step by step on how to make these mods.

will anybody step up and help me and everyone else that has an xti that would like to improve capabilities of their cameras help out?

Thank you all for allowing me to express myself.

Canon...There is no better Camera System...


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Re: 400d extended ISO & Spot meter
« Reply #1 on: 15 / August / 2010, 20:56:57 »
// AF

550D/T2i development
« Reply #2 on: 22 / August / 2010, 09:13:42 »

For your information, it is now possible to write and execute code on the 550D/T2i.
You've got binaries and source code!
These camera has DryOS, so the intellectual investment is long term. VxWorks is no more used.

Documentation of DryOS for DSLR has started: follow progress on 2.0.4 AJ for 5dm2
(most info is the same as for 550D) and 550D related wiki pages.
A IDA pro database dump is available:
but you need to get a firmware dump by yourself.

Join the team!



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