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SDM 1.82 Release

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SDM 1.82 Release
« on: 13 / December / 2009, 08:45:48 »
(support for SDM releases will be in the usual section of the forum)

SDM 1.82 adds support for A1000, IXUS40, IXUS100 and SX200IS.
Motion-detection sample points and/or cells can be displayed and are supported by Fudgey's script.
New uBasic commands for YUV/RGB spotmeter, detection of camera-shake or no-motion,aperture and shutter-speed override using 'real world' units.
Non-scrolling output to script console, USB pulse-lockout for wireless control,yaw-line overlay to aid panorama creation.
Bug-fixes and other features.

Re: SDM 1.82 Release
« Reply #1 on: 17 / December / 2009, 13:06:44 »

Thanks for the continued progress on SDM. Just about everytime I think "I've got it!" you force me to once again use my brain.

I still occasionally have problems zooming synchronously with the TX-1 stereo rigs, but I've not been able to find a repetetive pattern. I think it may have something to do with battery capacity, but no consistent data.

All the best for the Holiday Season!





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