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A470 problems

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A470 problems
« on: 18 / February / 2010, 08:59:17 »
Hi, I have two Powershot A470's that I have used CHDK 1.01A on successfully. However I tried to install SDM 101A on them and I just get a message saying "card locked!" If I replace the SDM diskboot.bin with the CHDK version then CHDK loads, but put the SDM one back and I get "card locked!" again so looks like the problem is with the diskboot.bin file?

I'm hoping to do some 3D shots at a show on Sunday so want to try and get it installed and tested before then.
Any ideas how to fix this?

P.S. what are the actual differences between CHDK and SDM? It's hard to find info about this.
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Re: A470 problems
« Reply #1 on: 18 / February / 2010, 10:21:42 »
Hi Martin.

To save time, contact me directly.

I have sent you a personal message.



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