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G11 porting

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Re: G11 porting
« Reply #510 on: 27 / July / 2010, 01:27:49 »
Hello & welcome, Angelo !

I noticed that in "low light mode" the burst speed is extremely faster than in the other modes.
...Could it be possible to control iso, or force it to the lowest possible setting, maybe enable raw output and have some sort of control of the exposition instead of full auto?

In this mode ("ISO3200" on some cameras) the camera doesn't use the full sensor capabilities, e.g. on the SX10 the resulting image is interpolated from ~ 1280 pixels to 1600x1200 pixels, newer cameras may do other tricks like pixel binning.
Also a smaller RAW buffer is used in this mode, the resulting (full-size) CHDK RAWs are not usable.

You should be able to use most of the CHDK overrides, e.g. you can set ISO80: the result normally is not very good, but better as with the Canon settings.
The CHDK Tv overrides (exposure time) should also work.

Re: G11 porting
« Reply #511 on: 13 / August / 2010, 17:52:20 »
I'm interested to know if there is a way to make the screen show B/W while shooting RAW.  I've tried to set it on the camera, first with RAW only shooting, then with RAW+JPEG.  Neither way is permissible.  I know that it's artificially imposed, because I've got other Canon cameras (even as old as 20D) that will show the display in B/W while shooting RAW.  Any help is appreciated.

Re: G11 porting
« Reply #512 on: 15 / September / 2010, 23:43:59 »
Hi, I have updated the camera.h to fix the generated dng exif for compatibility with dng supported products.

The patch file can be found here : https://sites.google.com/site/intelliriffer/downloads/g11_dng_patch.patch?attredirects=0&d=1

The Build for 100L version can be downloaded here : https://sites.google.com/site/intelliriffer/downloads/g11-100l-0.9.9-940_custom.zip?attredirects=0&d=1

Respective developers/gurus are requested to look into it and merge patch with repo.

Thank you,
Amit Talwar


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Re: G11 porting
« Reply #513 on: 16 / September / 2010, 01:10:57 »
I don't understand why you try to redefine CAM_DEFAULT_CROP_* ? No other cameras need this, and the way you have it won't actually redefine it anyway, because dng.h is included after camera.h in dng.c

If I understand the problem correctly, you just have to ensure that CAM_ACTIVE_AREA_X2-CAM_ACTIVE_AREA_X1-CAM_JPEG_WIDTH (and height equivalent) isn't negative, which your changes already do.

I've checked in with your values for active area, since they certainly won't be worse than what was there before.
Don't forget what the H stands for.

Re: G11 porting
« Reply #514 on: 16 / September / 2010, 01:23:27 »
CAM_DEFAULT_CROP_* was a test trying to come-up with some exact values that adobe dng converter generates however as you have noticed this did not affect the outcome and are not required.

The active area and the other values are not random but taken from valid dng files (adobe dng converter) created from actual g11 cr2 raw files.

prior to this chdk code change : I was converting the dng via exiftool with the command line options : -Exif:DefaultCropOrigin="16 12" -Exif:DefaultCropSize="3648 2736" -Exif:ActiveArea="16 8 2776 3692"

and these are the values I tried to implement natively.

Update: Thanks reyalp,
just compiled and tested the 941 build. Now the out of camera dng are fine.
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Re: G11 porting
« Reply #515 on: 05 / October / 2010, 22:52:32 »
i try this method


and work...

but for copy images from SD card ... is very very slow... its normal?


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Re: G11 porting
« Reply #516 on: 29 / October / 2010, 05:03:16 »
hello, a friend of mine owns this camera and he's playing around with scripts, however seems like the exposure compensation cannot be set. I see from the wiki
Code: [Select]
209 RW Exposure Compensation Dial (+/- 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192 = +/- 1/3, 2/3, 1, 1 1/3, 1 2/3, 2) Note: you can write to it, but actual state doesn't change. Any clue on why? can you confirm this? Isn't there some workaround for this?

edit: also, setting set_user_tv_by_id(0), which should be 1", has a strange behaviour (black img like it's set to 0 secs)

(i think he has a not-too-new version, could that be the problem?)
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Re: G11 porting
« Reply #517 on: 20 / November / 2011, 11:38:40 »
Its been a while since anyone has posted anything about the G11. 

If you have this camera,  you might want to take a look at this thread as a problem fixed for the G10 & G12 might very well affect your camera too.

Please post in that thread if you try the test script and find the same failure mode.
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Re: G11 porting
« Reply #518 on: 08 / February / 2014, 12:41:15 »
If you are the owner of a G11 we need your help improving the manual focus / subject distance override capability of CHDK.

Please read the instructions posted here < Link to Testing Instructions > and test your camera.

Ported :   A1200    SD940   G10    Powershot N    G16


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Re: G11 porting
« Reply #519 on: 03 / May / 2014, 07:45:30 »
It seems, the function reboot() does not work for the G11. The camera restarts and the splash screen shows the text without graphics. After that crashes the camera.

It was tested with the ultimate intervalometer script and a small test script.

The problem was posted in the German CHDK forum: http://forum.chdk-treff.de/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3325



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