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Any way to change the default naming convention?

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Any way to change the default naming convention?
« on: 21 / December / 2009, 00:42:07 »
I have several Canon cameras, two with CHDK, two without, and they all use the same naming convention for files - IMG_####.  Unfortunately, all 4 cameras are used pretty equally, so the file names are very close in range.  Is there anyway using CHDK that I can change the default image filename prefix to something other than IMG?  For example, CM1_#### for camera 1, CM2_#### for camera 2, etc?  The two I use with CHDK are identical models, and other than having duplicate file names when compiling projects, this would also let me know exactly which of the cameras the image came from.

I'm aware that I can change the naming options from continuous to Auto Reset, but that would just guarantee that all my images are within 100 or so of each other the file names.  Right now, they vary by as much as 1 to several hundred depending on the week.

Is this option already available and I missed it?

Cameras running CHDK are A720IS.


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Re: Any way to change the default naming convention?
« Reply #1 on: 25 / December / 2009, 17:34:34 »
No, you cannot do this for jpegs with CHDK. With raw/dng, you can choose prefixes.

You could make a lua script to batch rename files on the card quite easily. You could also probably do something on your PC that uses the model/serial number in exif to sort the images somehow.

With some minor hacking, you could probably set the exposure counter and then use continuous numbering, so camera A starts at say 5000 and camera B starts at zero. Of course, if you take a lot of pictures these would still collide in the end.

Be warned that if you rename on card, particular combinations of prefix and extension will break USB (PTP) downloading. If you always use a card reader, this is not a problem.

The camera naming convention is defined by
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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