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SDHC memory card, how make 2 partitions ?

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SDHC memory card, how make 2 partitions ?
« on: 26 / December / 2009, 01:37:29 »

escuse me for my poor english and mistake.

I have SX1-IS and a 8Go SDHC card.
How can I install CHDK ?

I try with a 256Mo SD card and CHDK works fine, but it is too small capacity.

I can't format my 8Go SDHC card in fat, too big.
I read that someone make a small partition 3Mo in FAT format to install CHDK and make an other partition 4Go in fat32 for picture, and I understand that SDHC use automatically the bigger patition to save picture. But I don't remember where on the CHDK website. Does I understand well ?

If my understand is good,  I'm not able to make 2 partitions on my 8Go SDHC card, can you explain me "how to" ?
I try with "active parition manager" a free soft for windows, but the second partition have a number attribution name drive, not a letter. It does not work under windows and in the SX1-IS.
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Don't forget what the H stands for.


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Re: SDHC memory card, how make 2 partitions ?
« Reply #2 on: 26 / December / 2009, 05:18:21 »
Hello & welcome, top_nullus !

Under MS Windows you can use the sdminste.exe, that's the small installer app from the SDM - you'll find it on the SDM Homepage in the "Common files" package...
When using the sdm installer you should always double check the drive letter before you press any button !

  • Get the SDM Installer: download the SDM package and unzip all the files to an empty folder on your hard disc
  • Insert the SD card in the card reader, start the sdminste.exe from the downloaded package
  • in the SDM installer select your card drive (drive letter)
  • press "Swap partitions" and follow the instructions on the screen
    • ! always wait 10 seconds before you press any button
    • ! first do what the message boxes tells you (remove SD card / re-insert SD card), wait 10 seconds, then click the OK buttons
    • ! after you remove or re-insert the card, always wait 10 seconds, then check always whether the correct drive letter is selected
  • close the SDM installer; the partition with your images now should be the first one...
  • now you can access your files on the SD card work with the Windows explorer as usual

--> To swap back the partitions again, repeat step 3 to 8
On Windows XP (32bit versions only) you can also use a special, modified hard disc driver for your card reader to access the drive like a hard disc...

Re: SDHC memory card, how make 2 partitions ?
« Reply #3 on: 26 / December / 2009, 10:12:06 »
@ reyalp :
thank you, I read the answers, I need use step 4, but with SX-IS is impossible ... >:(
for me the good solution was given by fe50.

@fe50 :
YES ! it's ok and work fine ! It's so great  :D
with sdminste.exe, first time the software purpose one or two partitions. I choise two.
It's important waiting 10 secondes each time.
After I use CardTriks to format, make bootable (I'm not sure it's necessary for SX1-IS) and install CHDK.
At last I copy sdminste.exe on each SDHC partition, using sdminste.exe for switching partition, to be sure can read anywhere on any computer all partitions.

I try the possibility to make under windows XP, 2 partitions on my 8Go SDHC card, it's easy to "self made" a special driver, but it's work only on the computer with this "update" of registry, it's difficult to install CHKD beacause CardTriks don't works with "local disk", sometime SX -IS don't start or don't find CHDK !

I suggest to every body use fe50 1er solution ...


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