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ixus90/sd790 IS porting

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Re: ixus90/sd790 IS porting
« Reply #330 on: 07 / March / 2013, 13:48:47 »
Thanks waterwingz and srsa_4c, for your responses.  I have been downloading the latest builds and most things work, without a hitch.  I was just wondering if this camera would be taken out of beta.  No big thing, as long as things continue to work.   :)
The beta designation is pretty arbitrary - there are  no rules or real soldi guidelines.  Its usually a status that the original person doing the port set and then forgot about.  Maybe we should adopt a standard that any port without a reported serious defect gets the Beta designation removed after three months or something?
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Re: ixus90/sd790 IS porting
« Reply #331 on: 08 / March / 2013, 18:28:01 »
Sounds good to me!


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