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Remote switch (ricoh or others) and Flash

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Remote switch (ricoh or others) and Flash
« on: 30 / December / 2009, 19:47:47 »
I have a ricoh CA-1 USB remote switch that fine on my A470 and my brother's G9, if the flash is off.  Boot with CHDK, leave CHDK alt off, half press the switch, camera focuses, full press, the camera gets ready (LCD blanks), release switch picture is taken.

However, if the flash is on, the remote switch is flaky at best.  It never takes a picture if the above steps are follow, but sometimes works if the switch is double or triple clicked.  This goes for both cameras.

Has anyone else ran into this?  Do other remote switches act this way (not work with flash)? 
Is a core issue, or a platform issue?  (Or a BTNAB?) 

Re: Remote switch (ricoh or others) and Flash
« Reply #1 on: 12 / December / 2010, 07:38:54 »
Yes. I made a DIY remote from a key-ring led lamp and it works fine with the SX20. With the A470 I have found that if the flash is enabled there is a ~10sec delay between the pre-flash and the exposure. I've not found any way of makeing it instantaneous except to make sure the flash is turned off. I've loaded several several builds and tried both simple and full versions but with the same results


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Re: Remote switch (ricoh or others) and Flash
« Reply #2 on: 13 / December / 2010, 00:59:12 »
Does it work when you enable "force flash" from the CHDK "Extra Photo Operations" menu ?

BTW - the "complete" and "small" packages from the autobuild server contain always the same binaries; the small one is for updating and doesn't include the additional (common) files like scripts, fonts...


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