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SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance

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SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« on: 31 / December / 2009, 10:49:05 »
So, I am not a complete noob, but I can't seem to get the RAW files of my sx200 converted into DNGs. I admit to know very little about what I did.

So, here is what I did.

1. Downloaded and installed dng4ps2, the latest version 2-0.2.3-beta26, and later I tried 2-0.2.2 (the program could not locate the raw file)
so I searched all over the place and found that on the sx200 page, one editor said to install a registry patch
so I did that, but it still refuses to work. The program just never finds any raw files in the directory I set!

Anyone know what my problem is? file extensions? in camera settings? I'm a fairly new CHDK user

Thank You


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Re: SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« Reply #1 on: 31 / December / 2009, 12:20:54 »
all you need to do is set the sx200 to save DNG.
I take it you already have the camera set to save raw files.
In the raw parameters menu set save "DNG format" as well as "Save RAW"
The camera will save DNG files, these can then be used directly.
Hope this helps, Happy New Year
SX200 IS-100C

Re: SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« Reply #2 on: 31 / December / 2009, 12:53:25 »
Ah great, thank you, and Happy New year to you too!

Re: SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« Reply #3 on: 11 / January / 2010, 16:26:43 »
I also have a SX200 and I am trying to get RAW files working, but have a problem.  When I try to set the "format DNG" setting in CHDK, I get an error saying "could not load something something" - anybody else get this error code?  I have tried this using the small and large versions of CHDK. 



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Re: SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« Reply #4 on: 11 / January / 2010, 18:48:43 »
Hi Schmitty

That's normal - if you read the error message, it tells you to run badpixel.lua. This is a clever little script (included in full build)
that takes 2 pictures and calculates a list of bad pixels from them.

- In the CHDK menu, go to Scripting Parameters -> Load script from file and select
- In the File browser, find badpixel.lua (it's in CHDK/SCRIPTS/TEST) and select it
- Leave CHDK menu and switch to shooting mode
- If you're NOT in <Alt> mode , switch to it
- You should now see the badpixel.lua 'console' bottom left of screen - just do what it says
- It should take 2 pictures and then say something like 'badpixel.bin created, press Func to save
  note that this (2 pics + saving) could take maybe a minute... if your screen stays black just press Func anyway
  and shutdown the cam.
- After restarting you should be able to activate DNG



Re: SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« Reply #5 on: 12 / January / 2010, 17:55:40 »
Thanks whim!  It's working now...the bad pixel script found around 6500 bad pixels, is that normal? 

Still can't read the DNG files on my laptop yet, but I can find a viewer online, or I will try it with photoshop CS4 on my desktop.

Thanks again!

Re: SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« Reply #6 on: 02 / February / 2010, 12:03:01 »
As most having this problem (opening the CRW file) know, the program called DNG4PS-2 is very good, BUT when using the program you must first enter special values in "Settings" of DNG4PS-2...for the SX200
It's right here: and works perfectly.
The resulting DNG can be opened easily in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Re: SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« Reply #7 on: 06 / February / 2010, 12:08:57 »
DNG4PS does not work for me, no matter what settings I give it or what registry entries I change. It doesn't even see there's a file there when I try to open one.

What does work great though, is having CHDK save in DNG format, and then using UFRAW to open it, both in standalone or within GIMP. So far, only used it in Windows though. I like Linux and I've used it a lot, but my current laptop doesn't cooperate with it.

Re: SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« Reply #8 on: 20 / March / 2010, 17:45:37 »
Hello Whim!
Can you advice me something? I just get a point how to get "real RAW" pictures from my SX200. I successfully had gone to the "run badpixel.lua script" but my camera can't pass through this :(
I waited about 30 mins with message "Wait please... This takes a few seconds! Don't panic!!"
I'm not panicking at all :)  But cam got hot to 40 degrees and consumed about half of the battery.
Maybe I must make this in a dark place or something else I don't know.

Thanks in advance!
He-he  :D  I got.. Camera was in Video mode  :lol
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Re: SX200 + dng4ps2 + RAW Assistance
« Reply #9 on: 20 / April / 2010, 06:00:08 »
I have used CHDK for a while in my SX200is.
I have a problem with RAW photos. They tend to have lots of noise. Even when I shot in low ISO and in bright daylight. JPGs are clear.
Am I missing something?


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