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Ixus 970/sd 890 is - Debug Parameters problem

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Ixus 970/sd 890 is - Debug Parameters problem
« on: 03 / January / 2010, 15:18:05 »
Greetings folks,

I have been trying to get my keyboard bits data off my SD890 IS. I have tried using the debug parameters>show misc values function in CHDK in order to see the bits for my mode dial, however I am not getting any useful information back. I have tried this when in playback and in camera modes, along with trying every other function within the menu as well. The screen pops up with 4 lines as described in other places on this site, but the values do not change regardless of what changes I make to the Cameras settings.

All It shows in the display is

Code: [Select]
u: 0
1: f0f4f2f0
f: 0
z: 0

Is there another way to get the keyboard bits data on this camera? Or is there another version of the software that is working with this feature? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year!



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Re: Ixus 970/sd 890 is - Debug Parameters problem
« Reply #1 on: 03 / January / 2010, 17:24:38 »
In the trunk builds, these values are as follows (assuming the variables are correctly found)
u: get_usb_power(1)
1: the address selected in memory browser
f: focus_busy
z: zoom_busy

You can change the code to display words 0-2 of physw_status (look in core/gui.c:gui_draw_debug_vals_osd), or you can use the memory browser to have each displayed in turn in under 1:
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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