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Help with Camera selection - want to supplement DSLR

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Help with Camera selection - want to supplement DSLR
« on: 26 / December / 2009, 22:31:02 »
Hi all!

I'm very interested in the features CHDK offers, but there is such an incredible amount of information on here it's difficult to decide where to start.  I'm going through the stickies and the noob forum, but I need advice on a camera!  Some background:

I currently use a Nikon D40 DSLR - my biggest complaint is how big all SLRs are.  We recently got back from a trip to Disney and I really wish I had taken the D40 with us, as the P&S Nikon we took just really failed us.  After stringing a movie together on the computer, I was really disappointed at the quality of pictures (and film) that we took.

(On a related note, I missed a lot of good shots because I was fumbling with a compact video camera as well... that we gave up on using by day 3 because of its size).

For our next vacation, I want to be able to have two pockets with two devices: a Flip Mino HD and a P&S camera.  My wallet and phone will have to find some other means of travel, lol.

I only have two requirements: good image quality and rapid shots.  I'm not looking for DSLR's ability to take multiple shots per second, but 2-second delays just won't cut it.  Unresponsive shutters won't, as well - one of my complaints with the Nikon.

With those two "features" in mind, what are my options for picking up a camera that I can run CHDK on?  Are there any P&S cameras that can take fairly rapid shots?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Re: Help with Camera selection - want to supplement DSLR
« Reply #1 on: 05 / January / 2010, 18:30:00 »

None of the cameras bags both shortest shutter speed AND fastest shot-to-shot time, so you'll have to compromise.


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