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Which Cameras Are Able to Use the "Video- Constant Bitrate Mode" Successfully?

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I prefer quality over file size, so I like to switch the Video Paramaters to  record in Constant Bitrate Mode and I'll use the highest possible setting of 3 X when using my Canon SD 400.  The resulting video is superb and it functions correctly; The way I confirm this is opening the video in Quicktime and looking at the video properties window.  It will show that the Data Rate is 30 -50 Mbit/s.

Sadly, my Canon SD 400 will need replacing soon due to age.  I am looking for a good replacement that can record in Constant Bitrate successfully.  I emphasize "successfully" because I recently purchased the Canon SD 1100 (IXUS 80) thinking that since it's on the list of completed builds, all features of CHDK would work, including Video-Constant Bitrate Mode.  The CHDK build for the 1100 allows me to select the Constant Bitrate Mode and select a 3 X level, but when I check the video in Quicktime, the highest Data Rate would never past 15 Mbit/s.  I am using the exact same type of SD card for both so I don't think SD card speed would be an issue.  Please, let me know of other cameras/builds that can use the Video - Constant Bitrate Mode successfully, by verifying the Data Rate on your computer.

Thanks in advance!


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