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Fast MD with burst/preview mode

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Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #190 on: 10 / August / 2009, 22:31:24 »
Newbie here. I have an S2 IS.

Trying the slow mode but the camera gets stuck in a continual picture taking loop. It waits until it detects motion, and then just keeps taking pictures. I tried increasing threshold and trigger delay as suggested, but still have the problem.

Any ideas?

Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #191 on: 31 / August / 2009, 20:19:29 »
newbie--kinda--have been away from the boards for a bit---and realized that there was a new chdk out, well there have prob been a few! But anyway...i have the latest autobuild 101b running on my S5 IS.  Cant for the life of me get the scripts I used to use up and running again like they had been (ugh, totally shoulda done a back up...stupid me).  The only ones I use are for lightning, and a long term interval over night (with adjustments as sun comes up)

trying to use sunsetF16, and MDFB-080914.  Sunset doesnt seem to run continuously (without major interval breaks) and the fastest capture speed i can get for the highspeed is about 160. 

if anyone could point me in a better direction that would be great....ive gone through pages and pages...and seems that every page I turn there is a new script update or suggestion to try something else!

thank youuu :-)
Canon PowerShot S5 IS
chdk-fw:101b build:0.5.1-499
motion detect = MDFB-080419-DigicIII


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Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #192 on: 06 / September / 2009, 04:42:10 »
trying to use sunsetF16, and MDFB-080914.  Sunset doesnt seem to run continuously (without major interval breaks)

If you mean that the sunsetF16 script can't shoot fast bursts, that's completely normal. The script makes CHDK calculate a histogram from the RAW image buffer after each shot to properly determine exposure for the next one even when it's too dark for normal autoexposure. That calculation just simply takes its time, meaning that script isn't the best option for fast daytime shooting.

Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #193 on: 10 / February / 2010, 16:43:14 »
Okay, I got this script, but I can't seem to get it working.

I'll activate the script and it just keeps taking pictures, over and over, even when NOTHING is moving. The settings are on default.

Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #194 on: 21 / March / 2010, 12:25:25 »
Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I have been using fudgey's MDFB-080914 motion detection script, together with CHDK's ability to synch the onboard flash at high shutter speeds, with an a570 to capture some bird pictures. Some of the results can be seen at
Most of these shots are cropped, ISO 80, shutter speed set to 1/2000, override to 1/4000, flash set to 2/3, TV mode.
THANK YOU to fudgey and all who contribute to this project!



Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #195 on: 30 / March / 2010, 06:14:38 »
as you can see, I am a newbie on CHDK.
I needed 1 full week exploring the sites of CHDK (dozens of links to so many different places to collect all necessary information!!!!), reading (most of) the articles, instructions, forum posts, downloads, until I knew what I had to know. Then I set up CHDK on my new Powershot G11 with the latest version (g11-100j-0.9.9-884-full_BETA) and - it works fine! Only one (fast and expensive) 4GB SDHC-card was accidentally destroyed.... :(

Next step after testing several parameters and experimenting with some stack images was a test of the motion detection script. I loaded MDFB-080914 and - it works too! :D
Fastest response time was about 60ms, worst a bit more than 100ms. :o See the attached test images.
I tried it manually - my best was 230ms, the worst 350ms... :haha

Note: One has to shut down ALL existing automatics in the menu to get proper response, not only MF and manual exposure. Otherwise the camera would try even to correct the focus in MF.

Now I simply have to wait for the next thunderstorm....
THX a lot to all, who did and still do that great work!

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Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #196 on: 02 / April / 2010, 00:01:15 »
Ok, I have the Fast MD loaded onto my G11. I tested it out by setting off a flash.  Works good. 2 questions.

1.) do I set the camera into the mode I want first (like Tv or Av or M mode) then run the will snap a shot when detects lightning? If so, what is ideal setup for capturing lighting (Medium shutter speed?)

2.) Seems that after the shot is captured, it just sits in preview mode (or is it there for a delay)..and will it stay in motion detection mode for the next strike, or is this a one time shot???

Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #197 on: 11 / May / 2010, 05:39:11 »
I've been trying to get this to run on my A460. It starts fine and works but then the camera just shuts down - no response at all. I have set the auto-power-off to off in the menu.

Is there a maximum time for the wait between shoots - it may be several hours that the camera has to wait.

I have checked the batteries and they are fine.

Any suggestions?

Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #198 on: 11 / May / 2010, 20:23:39 »
Just set this up on my SX120 and can report preliminary tests show it works a treat. Will give it a more comprehensive look-in tomorrow. Thanks for the script!

Re: Fast MD with burst/preview mode
« Reply #199 on: 29 / May / 2010, 02:16:20 »
So I've been perusing this site and the Wiki site but have found no mention of fast MD on an A2000IS. Is this possible?

I've taken pictures of water droplets so I know the shutter speed is physically fast enough. I've also tested the script and the triggers are fast.

However, it seems like the camera needs to focus before responding to motion. I hope someone has been successful with the A2000 because this is one of the main reasons I bought it!
(btw, the A2000 doesn't come with full manual. I've set all the possible options off on Program mode but it's still slow)

- I've tried supplementing MD with (1/400) shutter speed override. While the camera easily snaps my waving hands, the pictures are way too underexposed. Which brings me to another question: is there an aperture setting for the A2000?

-Why put the camera in record mode (i'm assuming this is the video record mode)? I've tried it but it simply takes small video clips of nothing.

Hopefully someone can help!!


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